Concord is back! Vive la France!


A great British design😉


Thank you so very much, the pilot of 002 lived in our village , and it also flew over us on a daily basis .

Though I suspect doing a victory roll in a passenger Concorde may have caused a few spilt glasses of Champagne

I wonder how much a toy like that could cost. I found the little concord very cool and impressive. I know absolutely nothing on the subject, found the video without searching it.

It’s a french- british design , by Aeorospatiale , french company, and British aircraft.

Yes….the french with their superior culinary ( cooking skills) designed the galley areas………just teasing you.
One of our better joint ventures👍


It was designed and built by Aerospatiale and BAC together in a “concord”, which is what inspired the eventual name (I won’t say any more one that, as it was mired in politics).

This 1/6th scale model is rather remarkable, although appears to be the work of a German Gentleman.


Vive la Allemagne
Top resect for the builder, Otto Widlroither from Germany


Correct. (BAC - British Aircraft Corporation)

I think the only thing they couldn’t agree upon was the name.

Otherwise a good example of co-operation.

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If you have an interest in the technical development, history and politics of Concorde I can recommend this book.

Yep - amazing work.

Wow! Gorgeous.


Brings back good memories. I live about 2 miles from the factory in filton where concorde was built. My first house was directly under the flight path for filton airfield (now being covered with housing). One of them would come in at least once a week, and I had the pleasure of looking out of my front window to see the most graceful plane ever built coming into land for maintenance. I could hear it when it was several miles away, louder than anything else!


…. Together with the Lockheed Constellation …

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I have unfortunately never seen one. It however still looks very impressive and modern. A great achievement.
This little Concorde is also an achievement.

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Looks great!


Similarly, I used to go to Toulouse for my work. The site was under the “circuit” for the A380 test flights. It was low, big and loud!

Watched ‘em out of Heathrow; small, beautiful and very loud!

FR, you should change the title to “Concorde is back. Vive les ingénieurs de l’Angleterre et de la France!” :slight_smile:

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I remember seeing an A380 doing aerobatics at an airshow a few years ago - farnborough I think. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing!! Filton near me is mostly a research and development site now, although they are still working on the A400M.

I used to have a work space set up in the old concord hydraulics lab at Filton. I was working with the Airbus team, I recall one of the Walls was covered in shelves full dusty old concord manuals and there was a sound proofed room in the corner with a sizeable machine in it, probably a hydraulic pump.

It looked to me like they had just abandoned it.