Sorry for this but it’s my last question. Small room and headphone use. Which would sound better Atom/Nova or Bluesound Node x and Naim Nait 50 both with Sonus Faber Lumina II? Emphasis on vocals and strings. Thanks

For Nova money I’d look at Supernait 3 rather than Nait 50. Unless it’s about the aesthetic of course.

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Thanks, it’s a refurbed Nova

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I would avoid using any bluesound products with Naim products.

When I tried a bluesound node Streamer/dac in my all Naim system it wrecked the sound for me.

Bluesound is not in the same league as Naim.


If it helps I was told that the headphone amp component is the same in both atom he and Nait 50


I personally would not get the Node.

An Atom is good but you are very likely to be pleased if you further.

A Nova is great and tidy.

ND5XS2 or NDX2 plus SN3 is better but more boxes and probably more money.

In what way did it ruin the sound?

Made it bland, nothingy.


Way above my budget

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The Node is not going to yield optimal SQ from the nait.

Any recommendations? Thanks

You currently have an Atom HE, I’m not sure how much a Nova improves upon that as I don’t have direct experience. I think you’re going to have to add some boxes to get better than what you have.

The HE is long gone. Had an issue with it and it went back🙁

Is there some reason you didn’t get it replaced? Maybe try the new Nova.

I had a demo unit for a month that was brilliant. I received a new one and it had an audible hum that I could hear even with the headphones on. I accepted a replacement and it arrived damaged so I flung it back to them.

The new Nova is way above my budget I’m sorry to say.

I’m not familiar with the Atom so can’t recommend a commensurate SQ and priced component. Maybe try a third time for the Atom. Dunno.


To be honest I found the Node to be very good even in a 500 series system but you do have to take care of the details. I used mine with an EE8 and on a Naim Fraim feeding an Ndac with 555DR power supply with Powerlines. I also had a modified Naim power cable with fig of 8 connector and some lengths of BJC and Catsnake. For the money the Node was very very good when used with the right kit. Sure, my ND555 with two power supplies is better but at a huge supplemental cost! The weak link in the Node is the DAC. Use a substitute DAC and you may be surprised!

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A Node into a Nait 50 is not as good as an NDX2 (bare or with XPS/555PS), but it is not bad for the price and has a very good UI. Casual listeners are unlikely to hear a difference unless they sit down and listen to dedicated A/B comparisons. We use a Node/Nait 50 combination with Spendor 3/5 speakers for holiday apartments and are very happy with it.

As a transport into an nDAC/555PS, the Node is hardly discernible from an NDX used as a transport. The NDX as a transport into the nDAC/555PS betters the Node very slightly with local files on an NAS. For online streaming of Tidal and Spotify the difference is negligible, with the Node suffering from no drop-outs compared to a few rare drop-outs on the NDX (but that is probably due to our local network and the limited internal memory in the NDX).

We use a few Bluesound devices for multi-room playback by members of the family that just want to play music whenever it suits them.

I still have all of the above gear and also occasionally use a Node 2 with a Rega shoebox DAC with older amps used in rotation as a 3rd system with Spendor 3/5, Epos Elan 15 or Wharfedale Diamond speakers (e.g. Nait 50, recapped NAD 3020B, SNAPS/42/110, 32/CBHC/140, olive 72/HC/140).

A Bluesound Node is not as good as an NDX2 or other much more expensive streamers, but it is still good value for money and a decent transport when combined with a better DAC.


Yeah. I have not got a clue what all of this means but I’m learning :grinning: