Confused by Spotify Connect and Uniti Nova

Hi all,

setting up my brand new Uniti Nova is so much fun compared to Superuniti I used before. Qobuz, Tidal, UpnP, Webradio, Airplay all working like a charm and blazing fast compared to SU.
BUT Spotify Connect does not list Nova as a remote device? I can find Nova if I click on Airplay but afaik Nova should be listed as a remote device. Only my Sonos devices are listed. Same behaviour on iPhone and iPad.
Any hints where to tweak?

Thanks EA

Perhaps this can help you: Using Spotify from Naim app

Nope, did not sort it.

These things are very annoying and for no apparent reason sometimes spotify connect loses what it should connect to. My system lost 5 sonos products when I installed deco wifi discs but retained my Zen mini as a Spotify connect item. Given sonos had always been solid and the zen mini erratic then this was frustrating. The answer in my case was to to connect one of the wifi discs with an ethernet lead to a sonos product and make a change on the deco app which I’ll try and find out what it was) If you have made a similar change on your network something similar might be worth a go.

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