Connect FTTP to Ethernet Sockets?

The house I’ve just moved into has 7 Ethernet cables coming out of the wall under the stairs (see below).

4 of them are terminated.

They lead to Ethernet sockets around the house.

The previous owner never connected them up.

The entry point for broadband is in the sitting room, which is through the end wall of that cupboard (see below).

Do I just run a fibre cable from the entry point to the cupboard and then plug it and the 6 Ethernet cables into a Cisco 2960 (that I already have) in that cupboard?

Do I need another Cisco at the entry point to bridge between one of the BT Openreach master sockets and the fibre cable?

What type of fibre cable is best?

Which of the 2 Openreach sockets should I use (we won’t have BB til tomorrow so I don’t yet know whether just one or both of the sockets will work).

The white cables coming out of the wall lead to in-ceiling speakers around the house - one set of them is wired into a set of phono sockets.

The larger (illuminated) Openreach socket has a green optical cable coming into it, but only a red and black Ethernet cable exiting it.

Is there a way to maintain fibre cabling as the data stream enters the house?

Just run Ethernet from the BT box to your switch. The incoming fibre is not compatible with the fibre you would use to connect to the switch, and even if it was, there is no fibre output socket to run it from.

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Cat5e is the right choice for runs of less than 100m. I would look for a Gb switch with plenty of capacity and place it adjacent to your router.

Of these 3 sockets circled:

I’d imagine there is a sitting room understair ethernet cable connected to the purple ethernet socket. I’d connect the BT modem/router if there is one to this and have the Cisco or other switch under the stairs, though if there’s only one sitting room ethernet socket if any hi-fi related items are in the sitting room you’d need to potentially have a second switch or run direct from another BT router ethernet socket.

Is the cyan socket the FTTP box? Is there a separate BT router or is that it? Sorry don’t have FTTP.

The green highlighted master BT socket is presumably old wiring? Now defunct?

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Thanks for these ideas.

You’ve cracked it!

Hopefully all I need to do is plug the [blue] FTTP box into the BT Smarthub2 router.

Take an Ethernet cable from the router into the [purple] Hagar Ethernet socket.

Put my Cisco 2960 into the understairs cupboard and plug that Cisco into the identical Hagar Ethernet wall socket there (to pass data to and from the hub/internet).

Also plug the 4 terminated Ethernet cables coming out of the wall into that Cisco.

And the various Ethernet sockets around the house and garage should work.

I can also plug my TV STB and my EE8 into the hub, and - as we used to say when I worked at BT: Bob Sherunkle.

(If you looked up ‘Bob Sherunkle’ on the BT intranet in those days you found a profile with a picture of a man with wildly long and messy hair and a mad look on his face.)

BT messed up the install on Friday so a BT engineer is coming tomorrow am to repair the line.

And yes I think you’re right that the [green] BT wall socket is the original one the house was built with, which is now defunct.

Thank you

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It’s now working at 530 Mbp/s download.

The Openreach engineer told me to use

It’s Saul Goodman.

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Does this Hagar socket only accept an RJ11 (i.e. a 6-pin, Phone) plug?

Nice photos, although I would have been happier if you have used a non conductive tool to prod electrical sockets even if they are Extra low Voltage!

These images jar my inner common sense button! :slight_smile:

Yup, thats an RJ11 commonly used as a phone connection plug. (faxes and dial up modems too!)

It’s not an RJ11, it’s a BT specific phone socket.
This pic shows an RJ11 & the BT plug with it’s side mounted locator clip

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My bad all, definitely a case of “More haste less speed” for me!

I have to admit I didn’t realise that the right hand, white plug was a ‘BT’ standard.

Thanks Mike.

That’s why it has that extra space at the side.

It turns out that the Hagar socket in the sitting room takes an RJ45, but the other Hagar sockets take BT phone plugs.

Which means all of that wiring spewing out of the wall under the stairs is more or less useless to us.


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That’s a shame.

Is that one in a different room?

So the box I assumed had an ethernet socket circled purple is wired to one of the understairs ethernet cables but presumably you don’t know where on earth the other cables terminate?

Could the previous owner have been planning to use old phone extension outlets for ethernet with new faceplates/modules, or even some freaky wiring to the BT socket. May be worth seeing what’s behind one of those faceplates - could they even have used ethernet cable to run phone extensions???

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The previous owner bought the house new/off-plan and had various sockets installed when the house was built 8 years ago.

We might use a plug-in phone on the ground floor at the back of the house where mobile reception is poor - although WiFi is very good all around the house AFAIK.

I haven’t got round to checking this yet, but I believe your guess may be correct - that the various Hagar phone and ethernet sockets around the house are all wired with ethernet cables.

But as the WiFi is fine to run everything (except my Nokia non-smartphone) the task of trying to use those embedded cables may never reach the top of my workstack.

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