Connecting 252 to Focal Arche

Hi guys,
I’m trying to connect my 252 to Focal Arche Headphone ampli.
I bought a naim hi line din5 to 2RCA connecting it to tape out of 252 and with my great surprise, it doesn’t work (din on 252 tape out and rca on arche).

I then tried to use a custom made 5din to 2RCA cable on the same out and it work.

So I was thinking it was the naim hi line cable having some defect but
I tried to directly connect my NDX2 to the focal arche using the HI LINE cable (din on NDX2 and RCA on arche) and it do work perfectly.

Am I doing something wrong?

In my NDX2 / 252 set up, I use the RCA outputs on the NDX2 to my headphone amp and switch outputs in the app when using headphones.

I ran into similar problems with my 252. Pin configuration on the DIN - RCA lead is the issue, see Mr Dane’s explanation below:

Connecting RCA - RCA from NDS to headphone amp and switching inputs works fine. Is there any sonic advantage here to keeping the 252 in the signal path?

So, you mean that I need a custom cable to connect 252 to the headphone ampli.
Using RCA-RCA from Ndx2 is fine but I can’t listen to my record player

It’s all in the forum FAQ;

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“Note also that some Naim devices, such as the NAC-N272 Network Pre-amp, offer a LINE OUT on RCA Phono, and here you can connect to a non-Naim RCA Phono-equipped Headphone amplifier using a standard RCA Phono interconnect.”

So is the RCA phono analogue out on NDS / NDX2 etc. officially approved for connecting a non-Naim headphone amp, or is there a reason to connect via the pre-amp instead?

As per the FAQ, you can connect directly from a particular source. Only drawback here is that you’ll only be able to use the headphone amp from that source, whereas connection via the pre-amp will allow you to use it for any source.

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Thanks Richard.
Is there an original Naim cable like the 5Din-4RCA one or do I have to buy it custom made?

Yes, Naim do one, see the FAQ here on interconnect ID.

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