Connecting headphone amp to 500 series set up

I have an Arche amp with Focal headphones. Naim have provided a bespoke 5 pin Din cable to connect 500 setup to the Arche but I’m unsure where to connect , I’ve tried input 4 on the 552 pre-amp and selected each of the record out buttons but no sound. Ross at Naim is trying to resolve but not been able to catch each other during the week, I wondered if anyone has any ideas for me to try over the weekend, please? I assume I have to select one of the record buttons as by selecting an input button I’m de-selecting the music source at the same time!

See here in the FAQ:

Be sure that the interconnect is correctly wired so the REC OUT pins on the DIN are connected.

Make sure the RECORD bank is not muted. Select the source you wish to listen to via headphones on the RECORD bank, so, if you wish to listen to the CD player (assuming it’s connected to the CD input) via headphones, just press the CD button on the REC bank.

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