Connecting NAC 282 to headphone ampli

Hi folks, what suggestion to connect a NAC 282 (HiCap + 250) with a headphone ampli having RCA inputs?


Use a DIN-to-Phono lead. But - it needs to be just that - and not a Phono-to-DIN lead - or the signal won’t get through.

Ok, thanks. But which output of the 282 do you suggest?

All you need can be read here in the FAQ:

What @Richard.Dane said - up there… :grinning:

Either the 3rd, 4th of 5th DIN socket will do. Tape, AV, or Aux1. All have a signal out available.

Sorry for the question… previously answered!

All the best.

Yes… this question has been asked…many times…!

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