Connecting NAIM 52 and supercap to the Naim Crossover and HiCap

I have been unable to find a diagram that shows how to connect the supercap to the hicap powering the naim crossover for a 6 amp 135 active system. The Large 16 pin cable bewteen the 52 and supercap is easy but there are 3 other din out cables on the super cap. I used to run a NAIM 82 with 2 hicaps and just upgraded. the primary Hi cap had a din cable that connected it to the HI cap powering the Naim Crossover. Can anyone tell me which is the correct plug on the Supercap to use to connect to the crossover hicap?

You can use either sockets 3, 4 or 5 - all are DIN4s and all are pre-amp signal outs. When using the Burndy with a NAC52, the shortest signal path is to use socket 5 as the pre-out, although there’s little in it.


@Richard.Dane - Possibly… the fastest ever response on the Naim Forum…??


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Is this what you’re looking for? (a visual representation of @Richard.Dane’s answer).


HI thanks for responding. my supercap is an older vintage that does not match the diagram above. it has the 2 power cables digital and the 16 pin cable that go between the 52 and super cap. then is only has 2 other 5 pin sockets not the 5 shown above. I have tried both connecting with a cable to socket 2 of the hicap that powers the crossover. neither provides any sound. I connected my Linn LP12 to the phono imputs on the 52. then the 52 is connected by the 2 cables to the super cap. both the 16 pin and the digital power cable. I am thinking that maybe i have the 16 pin cable going in the wrong direction? is there a way to tell the proper direction of that audio power cable? Also which of the 2 outputs on the supercap should i use to get the signal to the crossover hicap? thanks

That sounds like you have a 52PS rather than a Supercap. The two signal outputs are on DIN4s. You can use either of them, although shortest signal path is the one closest to the DIN5 .

The Burndy cable is directional and sounds best with the banded end closest to the Pre-amp.


k of my 52 super cap.

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Yup, as suspected, that a 52PS.


The “TYPE: NAC52PS” immediately before the serial number is a bit of a give-away in this respect!

Let us hope that the OP @frankg was not sold this as being a Supercap.

Not The Same Thing. Different. Maybe Better…?

(I believe the SC was developed from the 52PS as a more ‘general’ PS…?)

The Supercap was considered by Naim to be an upgrade on the 52PS.


Thanks this is exactly the info i needed. I did what you said and i am not getting any audio signal out to the crossover from either 4 pin signal outputs in the 52PS. is there a way to test? i had both units refurbished a year or so ago so i will schedule a return visit to the repair shop to check it out. In the meantime i have reinstalled my NAIM 82 and 2 hi caps in the system which play well.

You should have pre-out signal available via either/both DIN4 outputs.

Are you still using a HICAP to power the crossover?

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In your photo, your Burndy looks in poor health if not damaged, and you have no cable in the digital p/s socket, but two cables connected to the outputs. I’ve never had a 52ps only a s/cap, but please double check your connections.

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Thats not right. AFAIK, that connection is for the control circuits - like the NAPSC does for 82. Doubt the 52 will work without this connected - via a SNAIC-5 (??).

I think I have some of the these old manuals from the 80s :rofl:

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I have a couple of boxes full of the old manuals, they are little treasures. Thank you @GeoffC for all your work on them. Such a shame Naim don’t print them for the newer units.


Love them as well - real gems.
Did not know that @GeoffC did them. Thank you for giving us this naim feeling when holding the manuals in our hands - today and in the 80s :+1:


HI Graeme, yes both the digital power and the audio cable are connected when operating the unit in addition to the DIN 4 cable outputs. without the digital power cable the preamp has no power or lights.

the larger 16 pin cable was working fine when i purchased the system . i had the 52 preamp and power supply refurbished and then after putting it into my system discovered it is not working, I tried the 16 pin cable in both directions and no difference. upon close inspection there are no frayed wires at the ends or anything, Just the plastic cable shield is coming loose at the ends. i can tape it closed if you think will help. I am imagining replacement of this cable will be difficult and costly.

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yes i am still using a HI CAP to power the crossover as with the NAP82 I had before this. I have a newer vintage crossover that was sold to me by NAIM North America in 2016 as it was the last one they had that was configured for LINN ISOBARIKS. it was a nice upgrade from the older crossover. I reinstalled the NAP 82 and 2 hicaps last evening and all is working fine. Just wanted to get the better sound from the NAP52 if possible. I understand there is a big difference from the NAP82.