Connecting Naim system with power distribution block

Does someone have experience with connecting the power cables from there Naim system into an high quality distribution block like for example the ORT Nordost or Ansuz?

It is important that the power cable of the preamp goes into the primary earth entrance of the distribution block.
I am confused, because the 282 and 252 do not have the own cable connection. As they are connected to a Hicap or Supercap. But also to nap sc (little box), I do not know if the SC or Hicap should be in the primary earth entrance or the nap sc.

I hope there is some knowledge and or experience of one of our members.

Greeting Michael

The PSU for the preamp should be first. The NAPSC should be last.

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Thanks for your help Guinness, much appreciated

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If you select a dist block that has its outlet sockets wired in radial, or “star” as many incorrectly call it, then there is no ‘preferred’ socket.
You need to look around the tech specs, but IsoTek & MusicWorks are you starters for ten.

PS @MikeN
Beware of (BS) tech talk of ‘star earth’, such as seen on Nordost www.
Just connecting E only in radial (star) has no real benefit power dist…
The whole system should be connected in radial, this means L (live), N (neutral) and E (earth/ground) see my drawing.

Power Socket Connections


Thanks a lot Mike