Connecting Uniti Internet radio to 552/300

Hi All,
My main source to listen to music is a CD555 and I am thinking of adding a UnitiQute or Uniti 2 to occasionally listen to internet radio. Does it make sense? Which input shoud I use on the 552? Input 3 or 7/8? Thanks. Phil

Either of these old Unitis will work. The Uniti is slightly neater in that it has a line out, so you don’t run the signal through another preamp and volume control you don’t need. You would be using RCA out, I don’t think you need to agonise over which input to use, any spare one will be fine.

Just be aware that these are old streamers now, and you although they will mostly work fine with internet radio, they don’t have native support for the ‘HiDef’ stations that Naim’s newer models can use.

Both those boxes are all in ones, so you’d only be using a little bit of it. I’d suggest an ND5XS would be a better bet. Connect to whichever socket you like, just not the one that caries power for a phono stage. It would make sense to map the input to the tuner button, unless you already have FM. You’ll ned an ethernet connection, so bear that in mind.

I had not thought of an ND5XS. Thank you for the suggestion.

Thank you. Now I understand it is better to use the line out output rather than the preamp output. When did the newer model start to support ‘HiDef’?

You should thank HH for that! It’s a good suggestion as an alternative to the 1st gen. Unitis though, as long as you don’t decide at some point to repurpose it as a standalone player in future.

You don’t have to spend 4 figure £ for this, the Cambridge mxn10 will give you full access to internet radio plus other streaming services for under £500.

All the 2nd gen streamers support lossless FLAC streams than some stations have introduced. It was done by firmware update. An Atom or ND5XS2 would be the cheaper options.

I thought I had replied to your suggestion of an ND5XS! Thank you.

Don’t worry! The ND5XS2 will allow high def radio and will also give the option of Qobuz if that’s important. But the original version still sounds very good and I was trying not to spend too much of your money. There are cheaper options from other companies, but having a Naim box seems nicer.

If you do get the ND5XS, make sure you get one that’s had a screen replacement. There is a nice looking one on eBay for under £800.

Despite the limitations of the 1st gen. streamers in terms of radio support, parts availability etc. there is a workaround that was developed by forum member @Kurt to get lossless FLAC and other higher quality streams working on them.

Details here if you fancy a bit of tinkering:

Thanks again. I do not want to spend a lot of money to listen, only occasionally, to internet radio. Replacement screen and naim box are best.

I would not know where to start a bit of tinkering :slight_smile:

I run a Unitiqute 2 in to my 82 tuner input via RCA-Din. This gives me FM DAB IRadio Spotify Tidal and my IPod controlled from the app.
Best £400 I’ve spent👍

Good to hear it works well for you. :smiley:

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