Connection Guide

Does someone have the link to get this? I saw the post back in April and someone said they found it under Support/Downloads but I can’t find it. I loved that guide!

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Was reported to @Richard.Dane as being AWOL, from the New, Improved Naim Website.

Still seems to be missing…

I have saved pdf’s of several versions of it… :crazy_face:

I heard they aimed for Q1 2025…

For… what…?

A fully fixed, corrected website… :open_mouth:

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Interesting :thinking:
Was looking for this same resource, only yesterday?

Anyway, found what was needed, with more specific search terms ( in this forum) and discovered what was needed. Over the years, lots of pages have been posted for illustration of specific connections.

Hope that helps

Everything which has been removed from the new and “improved” naim website can be easily found via Google.

Connection guide is available via a number of dealer websites too.


There a fully comprehensive connection for amplifier guide here.
Courtesy of Cymbiosis available from the site.

Hope this is ok to post as the relevant info seems to missing from the new Naim website.


I have 3 versions of this, saved as pdf’s.

  • Issue 1 (no date)
  • Issue 2 (dated August 2001)
  • Rev 2C (no date)

I also have this, as both printed original and a jpg -


Useful Ian and a nice historical document. We have the Rev-2C-1 too, plus lots of other things currently missing from the new website! :roll_eyes:




Thank you! The 250 to 552 connection in here was just what I needed. Also want to figure out the connection from a 500 to a 282 if possible.


If you would like to have some or all of my collection of Naim docs (as pdf’s or jpg’s) do let me know via email…


That’s very kind if you Ian but we have pretty much everything in our archives. :sunglasses:
We even helped out MaxBertola in the n-Dac thread ( Help with nDac firmware update please) earlier as nobody else seemed to have it!!! :open_mouth: Crazy!!




What are you going to be powering the 282 with ? Hicap (or Hicaps) or Supercap ?

Thanks @james_n I have one hicap and potentially two.

As I have just emailed, it was some job but with the help of a competent friend, more than two hours and five different USB pens later, it finally worked.

Somewhere in the process the DAC had went back to 2.5.2 version, but we rescued it from its unwanted time travel and brought it back to present day.

Thanks to you and to Phil,

Ah ok, from the connection guide @Skeptikal posted above.
Single Hicap

With the 500 in place of the 250, use Hicap sockets 2 & 3 for the 500.
Dual Hicaps

Same for the dual Hicaps, but use sockets 2 & 3 on the Hicap connected to the 282 upgrade 1 socket (right hand Hicap in the diagram above).


Thank you so much! @james_n

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Which socket is Left or right on the hicap or does it not matter when coming from the 500?

It doesn’t matter at the Hicap end, the DIN4 to XLR cables are handed (red and green band) at the 500 end. Green ch1, Red ch2.

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