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Loved taking part in producing these, Seems old fashioned now in this social media world.
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Nait500?? Is that the high end integrated amp a few people have been asking for recently? If that was in 2013 I imagine R&D might have finished designing it soon.


I used to enjoy reading those magazines.


What have you been up to these days, Paul? Not much interaction between forum members and Naim management these days unlike the old days when you were in charge.
Hope you’re enjoying your retirement. :sunglasses:


They were always a great read Paul and I know many of us really enjoyed the way they offered an insight into the world of Naim and its people, music, products and philosophy. I still treasure my copies and thoroughly enjoyed contributing to one of the issues too.

One of the great joys of paper magazines is the way they encourage you to revisit them decades later and just reading them evokes a time and a place in your life every bit as vividly as playing old records does. I well recall reading the HFN launch review of the SME Series V in 1986 as a 17 year old in the lower 6th - it was a great time to dream!

I hope retirement is treating you well!



Good to hear from you Paul. I still have a few copies that i read from time to time. Wish i could turn the clock back, interaction with Naim was so much nicer😥

Hi Guys, lovely to see the pic from Tony of all the magazines, I came across the Hendrix one which sparked my attention to read again, they really were something to look forward to seeing, not for everyone I guess:)
The last few years I have been loving my retirement a small number of jobs,but mostly pre Covid travelling seeing friends and reuniting my efforts to be a decent guitar player. A big love of guitars now and funnily the industry from manufacture to resale has many similarities to the hiend audio business.
I do occasionally pop into the forum here, it’s really good to see it still up and running, not many manufacturers support such things, lots of social media groups but this place is special.
I remember first using compuserve in the early internet days and was fascinated in how a forum could work and function in some ways like an old fashioned owners club, the forum was born. With the big help of Malcom Steward and his wife and a cool guy in California our Forum was born. Julian wasn’t so sure what I was pushing for,but pretty soon, as you know he was on it every day, I think he really liked the fast direct contact with people who cared, not only about Naim but many life related interests.
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Hopefully you and your daughter are fully recovered from that nasty crash!


Hi Paul, many thanks - I’m doing fine now, she has a little way to go and is still suffering neck pain etc but I think she will be fine in time.

So glad to hear that your retirement is proving enjoyable, you certainly earned it. I too have been trying to learn guitar on and off in recent years but don’t practice anywhere near enough to improve. That’s one thing I am certainly looking forward to in retirement - having more time for those sorts of hobbies!

Enjoy, and thanks for your kind wishes,



Yep you need to play everyday and I think get a good teacher- I use Will Mcnicol you should check out his college.

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Chris almost 8000 posts in here from Jan 19 since the first Jokes in Padded Cell you posted - well done

When the forum moved to the new platform the Padded Cell was completely empty for a short while….then that infernal Brexit thread reappeared and I felt that we needed a distraction.


Really enjoyed those

Sorry Chris I didn’t answer, the cover I posted was just the first mock up hence the 500 nait still not a bad idea would look super cool.

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Hi Paul, are you coming back to table tennis? The league has been reinvigorated since 2020, Richard P is now chairman, would be good to see you back in div 1.
Hope all is well

Hi Robert nice to find you here:) maybe we can pick up some more players from the forum!
I do miss playing I had quite a bad shoulder injury so have been

a little scared about damaging the pectoral again but I am thinking about it:)
Just showing off my pic with my last playing year, thought it might be good to go out on a high:)
Did you know Naim had two table tennis teams, Julian played and loved it, Bob Erskine , Mike Moore production Manager, 2 Robert’s,Paul Desmond export Manager, Angelika maybe a few others I missed anyway two teams for about 5 years. We had the table in goods in and most home matches resulted in a quick factory tour!


Hi yes I’m in Bob’s team now at Breamore, so that’s 2 ex Naim out of 3. You’re welcome to join us!

Couldn’t leave Redlynch though I do love playing in the Breamore Hall - great acoustics as well!

Oh yes, Super Sriver one side, Tackiness D the other. Coached as a kid and played in the league for years. Hated scoring. Hadn’t hit a ball for years, then the opportunity came up at do. Amazing how you pick it back up instantly, decades after being taught as a kid. Hilarious seeing peoples reactions when they think you’re just going to be the usual rubbish.

Always teach kids a sport’s skill. They’ll carry it easily for the rest of their lives.

So true

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