Control issue - 282 in a streaming set up

Hello - I have for the last year or so been searching on how I can control my Naim kit with one remote. I hate the multiple remotes laying on my chair. Sadly zigbee control has killed my harmony option.

Then I started to reflect. To be honest I use my phone to control most other kit so why not here, at least with the app.

This week with hearing the airplay 2 news for my NDX2 it means suddenly I have a multi room system. I have 2xUniti Novas 1xAtom and 1xNDX2 with a 282/200 set up in the lounge.

I am super happy BUT I still can’t control the volume on my 282… hmmmmm

Is there anyway this can be done so it is all in one place. I hope so…

Any help much appreciated.

Have you enabled ‘system automation’ and wired your streamer to the 282?


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Ah ha - no I haven’t. My 282 is quite old tho… is there any specific version? Also if it is the 3.5 out on the NDX2 what is the line in on the 282?


RCA [quote=“lamby2244, post:3, topic:4943, full:true”]
Ah ha - no I haven’t. My 282 is quite old tho… is there any specific version? Also if it is the 3.5 out on the NDX2 what is the line in on the 282?


RCA ‘Control’ at the far right as you look straight at the back panel.


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In the settings menu in the Naim app, go to System Automation to set up control of the 282 volume via either the Naim app or the NDX2 remote. You need a 3.5mm jack to RCA/phono lead, which is very cheap. Connect it to the RC5 in socket on the preamp.

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I have a 282 and NDX2. The system automation works just fine for controlling volume. As others have said, make the 3.5mm to RCA connection and enable system automation in the settings on the NDX2 itself or in the Naim app.

The only issue I have is sometimes the input switching stops working (i.e. from the aux input when I’ve been playing the4 turntable) and I have to power cycle the NDX2 to get it working again. I assume that’s a software bug and hope Naim is working to resolve that.

Depending on just how old your 282 is, it “might” need returning to Naim HQ to be serviced & updated.
My own 252 was too old for automation (apparently) so, as it was around 15 years old, I was happy for it to be serviced and upgraded to be compatible whilst at Naim HQ.
Now, with the 3.5mm to RCA Phono cable connected between the NDX2 and 252, I can control the volume using the app :slight_smile:
Try the cable (which you’ll need to buy anyway) and turn on “System Automation”.
If it works, then you won’t need to upgrade your 282 !!

Interesting. How old was your 282 that it didn’t support automation without service. Mine is an '08. I had it serviced August '18 when I did service and DR upgrades for my HiCap and 250.

My 252 was around 15 years old.
I believe I bought it new in 2003. Apparently is was early enough that it did not support automation. The serial number of my 252 begins: 1956- - which confirms 2003.

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We have in the past (and under guidance from Naim tech support) modified the fascia control boards on a couple of NAC282 pre-amps to resolve a known issue with “System Automation” interfaces with Naim streamers (both pre-amps were being used with NDX streamers, I seem to recall).

Mod involved changing one or two surface mount resistors and proved to resolve the issue. In one instance, the same customer has since changed from NDX to NDX-2 and no further issues arose.

What was this ‘known issue’?

Not sure on the exact detail, I’m afraid, as it was some years ago now and hasn’t appeared again since. I recall being told that it only affected some pre-amps, maybe even only certain NAC282s. Sorry I cannot be more specific, but the modification sorted a problem similar to that described by the OP.

Took me 5 mins - all sorted. Love it.

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