Controlling NDS with third party apps?

Have just had a lengthy conversation with Audirvāna support on an issue with scrubbing through music and pausing music when playing music from Audirvāna to NDS. There is no way to scrub through the track or to paus and resume where you paused. The track starts over when you resume. There are similar problems trying to play music from Mconnect to NDS which led the support at Audirvāna to believe Naim purposely stopped other apps from accessing these functions. I understand that the NDS no longer is supported but wonder why Naim didn’t make it possible to use other apps, such as Audirvāna or Mconnect to control all of the playback functions such as play, paus/resume, stop, scrub within a track.

I use Bubble UPnp and I can play, pause, resume, stop with no problem. Fast forward and reverse don’t work though.

The problem with 3rd party apps is how to play Naim feathures such as iRadio & sytem automation. Sorry its not for me, Naim app does the job (for me)

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With an NDS and listening to Qobuz there is no choice but to use a third party app. As the NDS is my only source, now I’ve ripped all my vinyl to the Melco, system automation doesn’t offer my anything worthwhile

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Sure but fast forward is useful sometimes.

Yeah but you can’t listen to Qobuz that way.

Exactly my concern since I too use Qobuz

OK, no Qobuz, but I don’t want it

Looking at the system (in your profile) and your need to have www streaming (Qobuz), I would sell the NDS & one of the PSU’s & get an NDX2 or ND555

ND555 is certainly the target but the difference a second power supply makes to an NDS, and to an ND555 if others are to be believed, means I will hold on to it. Other option is to add an ND5 XS2 which is significantly cheaper than ND555 s/h, just means an extra box which, although I’d prefer not to, I do have space for. In any case I find using BubbleUPNP no hardship.

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I would not recommend it since I’ve had it and prefer NDS and 555PSDR. NDX2 is simply not as good as nds. ND555 is probably a different story.


I have had success with using NDS with 555PS as DAC and ND5XS2 as streaming platform.

It sounds amazing and benefits from being able to use Qobuz. The lastest streaming platform, coupled with NDS works for me.

I would recommend it if you have an NDS and don’t want to use alternative software.

And yes it sounds better than NDX2 with 555PS.


I made space for ND5XS2 by adding a third Fraim stack. And now everything works better especially access and cable dressing.


A NDS can now be bought relatively economically. Up until very recently this was Naim’s Second best streamer and probably now their third best streamer.

I bought Roon, and set up a raspberry pi as a squeezebox interface.

Now I have a fantastic music interface, qobuz, and good sounds. Happy days!


My guess is the NDS betters the NDX2

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Yes that is one way to move forward. I still wonder why Naim hasn’t made it possible for third party apps to use all of the NDS functions. If they would have it would have been a smoother experience for us who wants to enjoy Qobuz.

Yes but to make Roon work you need bubble. I just wish Naim would have made it more convenient for third party apps to bee used. As far as I understand it’s only when you have “roonified” it that you get all the basic functions outside of the Naim app. It’s disturbing.

I use Audirvana for Qobuz on my NDS and switch to Naim app for iRadio. Not a big issue.

I’m also fine without system automation & track pause / restart functions. Less frequent glitching of the Audirvana app would be nice though.


That’s what I would do Mike. It’s the simplest, and I believe best SQ solution. When I finally move house and arrange my system properly, I’ll pick up a preowned ND5 XS2 and the superb NDS will sound even better due to the new tech streaming boards in th ND5 XS2.
And with system automation controlling all the components is a breeze. Naim kit all working together does make sense in most instances.
You’ll still be able to listen to the ripped vinyl thru your Melco, or if you want to be able to control the play functions can you copy the vinyl files to a harddrive and USB it into the front of th NDS?
Just some thoughts …

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I am certainly leaning this way… a s/h 500 would then get me to my endgame position I think