Controlling NDS with third party apps?

Some commented that using Nd5xs2 into Nds doesn’t really improve sound quality. Have not experienced myself.
But the advantage is to have Qobuz and more stable Tidal……for some years, until this streaming platform will be obsolete again.
I am lucky, I need only UPNP.


Yes, it doesn’t improve sound quality to my ears. You get improved reliability with apps and it works better.

I would say it sounds identical.


It was indeed you and another member who shared that.
But as you stream online, a second hand Nd5xs2 is a good option.
Maybe with an Innuos Pulse the sound will improve. It has an Spdif connection too.
I may one day take the option of a better transport, if I encounter UPNP issues with my Nds. Nd555 is too expensive for me at the moment.
And I just got my wonderful new Nap 250.

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That’s interesting. I guess we all assumed that it would sound better, but now that some members like @Dan_M have actually done it, we get the real info on it.

I know that an ND555 would sound even better, but it would have to be a very inexpensive, preowned unit. For me, the NDS SQ is absolutely sufficient, in fact I can’t imagine it sounding better than it does even tho I know it could, from reading other threads.

I’m quite content (in general, as well), and the cost for SQ with what I have is excellent. I can’t spend everything on hifi … I also collect wines, play guitar, and I’m looking at a new guitar. I sold my Kawasaki motorbike last year, but I’m also saving up to outfit a proper chef’s kitchen when we move house in a few years. High-end appliances are expensive.


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Like others I used Bubblesoft app on my network to get Qobuz lossless via the Linn App. Using a second app is not ideal but it’s a nice app and works great so not too big of an inconvenience. And the SQ is sublime. Otherwise you’re stuck with adding another box which will impact SQ, hopefully for the better.

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What’s taken 2nd place? The new NSS 333? I didn’t think that, even with the NPX 300, that better a NDS with 555DR PSU, nevermind an NDS with 2 supplies.


I only need UPnP support too - Roon through a Bridge to the NDS handles all the Tidal, Qobuz and Lossless Internet Radio I want.

Tidal is a between in between at present, with some new tracks playing at HiRes FLAC in the Tidal App but not via Roon yet. There must be no MQA processing being undertaken on new content, so the current Roon integration can only fall back to 16/44.1 playback. However, I believe this will be fixed ahead of Naim updating their integration.

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I’ve had NDX2 on my NDS+555PSDR using NDX2 as a streamer only. To my ears and my system and taste NDX2 on NDS lost some of the organic sound I’ve come to love with NDS. It moved it bit towards NDX2 and that’s not what I prefer and the reason I sold the NDX2 and kept NDS. Audirvana/Qobuz + NDS + 555PSDR sound better than NDX2 (streamer) + native Qobuz into NDS + 555PSDR. My experience, my ears :slight_smile:


I agree it works. I do wonder, however, how come Naim hasn’t made third party apps get access to basic functions in the NDS

I also wonder if the NSS really is better. I am in doubt but haven’t heard the NSS. If it is as good it’s really an affordable option. The NDS was about the sam price as the NSS when sold

I don’t understand why you would wonder why. Naim have made no indications I’m aware of they would be doing such. The legacy streamers come with a host of shortcomings which is why they can be had at such discounted prices. If you want no hassle streaming you’ll need to get on the modern streaming platform. And I suspect whether or not one prefers the NDS to 333 will have more to do with preference to either the OC or NC sound.

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The NDS has a better DAC, the isolation for the analogue stage, plus no internal power supply.
It will be better than the newer Claasic range, which comes with a whole bunch of new electrical restraints.
For instance why don’t Naim show the 333 with dual power supplies?

The legacy streamers have limitations towards internet streaming services only, but if you only use them with local library content or with local servers providing the streamed content these limitations are never exposed.
So it depends if you want an easy plug’n’play convenience or are prepared to work about to get better SQ.


That is interesting. The NDS is remarkably capable, to my ears, but not only in my system. I’ve heard it in a few different systems and it’s always been a top class source.


Sure I understand why Naim wouldn’t do software upgrades now to make this possible on an old product. It’s puzzling that they have left some functionality out in the software that is though.

I’m not interested in arguing specs which don’t tell the whole story, Steve went into detail about the design considerations of the NC players, their approach, etc. You’re free to prefer what you want of course.

I’m not sure what you’re getting at but this subject has been discussed at length here over the years. It’s rather old news now. There’s a host of options available to overcome the shortcomings of these legacy streamers and once employed they work quite well. My 272/555 sounded pretty good with lossless Qobuz and lossless radio stations but I had to go to the trouble of setting up software on my network to enjoy those formats.

Can’t the 333 be powered by two 300 px?
But I agree, don’t think the 333 is better vs Nds, because it’s inferior to the Nd555 ( from reviews). It’s just different probably. The pro side is better streaming platform for Qobuz and Tidal.

As I said. Paus and resume and fast forward/backward

I don’t know what you mean. I used these work arounds for years and had no problem, starting, stopping, or advancing tracks. You know your options, if you don’t like them then it’s time to move it on and get a player that meets your needs.

I will soon join you on that 2 ps NDS experience, if you guess what I mean. Do I need a second pair of burndys?