Controlling NDS with third party apps?

Well I’ve tried to explain what I mean. No big deal.

It has been a good journey so far, I think you will be pleased.

No additional Burndy cables required, just unplug the one for Socket2 from the current power supply providing both and plug it into the supply that will be used for just the Analogue circuitry.
And you have split the supply, reduced the load on the each supply which reduces the noise floor, separates the mains & earthing flow etc.


I believe the power supply control doesn’t allow it, this is the circuitry that limits standby consumption to a low level, part of current regulation.

Another 555PSDR? You use one burndy on each so two is enough.


I don’t know who, at Naim, could provide insight in to the reasons behind these shortcomings? Maybe @Richard.Dane could help?

The question is why the old platform doesn’t let third party apps, like Audirvāna, paus and resume and scrub through tracks. Thanks!

I’m not a Naim engineer, but at a guess I’d say that the Naim hardware is designed to work best with Naim software. However, if you want insight then perhaps @Stevesky can provide it.

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Thank you Richard! Very helpful!

It would be awesome with Audirvana and Naim to team up making us with old platforms more up to date. As I understand Audirvana these days have partnerships to “approve” sw/hw compatibility with other major brands. I’m guessing it’s more of a matter to share tech details between the companies to improve compatibility and I believe the cost in time/money is on the lower end so a big win on the goodwill account. I believe the many feeling left out bit too fast would be super happy in such a collab and it unlocks so much sound quality on my NDS using Audirvana + Qobuz that I’d hope more would evaluate this route. Here’s a list with the current “Plays with” partners:

Bricasti Design
CH Precision special offer
Clarus Coda
Wattson audio
Vermeer audio


Audirvana + Qobuz is my preference to get the best SQ out of an NDS.

Audirvana Studio’s stability has improved since launch (earliest versions were fairly calamitous as I recall). Biggest issue for me has been the temperamental remote app, but I’m trying out the new iOS beta remote & it seems far more stable than previous releases.

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Has anyone tried the latest Bubble UPNP for Android with the 2nd gen streamers (which now supports Tidal hires FLAC)? I tried it with my 1st gen ND5XS and, as expected, it plays 24bit 192KHz streams for about 20 seconds, then stutters for a few seconds. Can’t wait to try it with Bubblesoft Server but, unfortunately, mine has mysteriously stopped working. May be something to do with the Synology DSM update which arrived a few days ago.

If your Synology is set to auto update it will put the kibosh on BubbleUPnP server. You need to stay on DSM6.

I’ve had DSM7 for a while now and BubbleUPnP Server had been running successfully in a Docker container.

Running Bubblesoft was problematic on my QNAP due to a ffmpeg issue and after installing a docker container it ran without a hitch. Didn’t have to bother with it again.

That’s good to hear, I know some had no luck getting it to work in a docker.

Me too. It was a bit fiddly setting it up but carefully following the instructions seemed to work.


Sorry for the delayed reply. According to Naim NSS 333 is better than the NDS.

You would need to qualify that statement by saying which power supply was used on both streamers.

I’ve enabled high Res in Bubble’s Tidal settings and to proxy Tidal tracks. It says it is playing 24/96 but how can I tell for sure that’s what the ND5 XS2 is playing?
It does sound pretty good.

Look in the naim app what streaming quality it gets.

That was my first thought but alas it only shows the name of the album playing

But bubble is saying 24/192