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The new cookie box in the corner of the forum web page is really really really annoying. My pulse is up 30 beats per minute. Can this be removed? It’s in the details Naim! I approve then remove it from my eyes for ever and ever please :blush::+1:


Just noticed today and thought it was a glitch on my phone! Annoying indeed


I agree. @Richard.Dane please can this be banished forthwith. No matter how many times I accept cookies the pesky triangle remains.

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Yup, I too found it annoying. I have asked our web developer to remove it and he has obliged.


That went fast :v::blush:Thanks!

Brilliant, thanks.

Marvellous service - thanks

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On the wider subject of cookies in general, am I the only person who finds these popup messages increasingly annoying?
If you reject cookies, the popup usually reappears every time you visit a site, as if they’re desperate for you to change your mind.
Also, while some sites make it reasonably easy to reject them, others hide some of the buttons, so if you don’t notice that you can scroll down, you’ll inadvertently accept some.
Worst of all are those sites that don’t offer you the option to reject, but redirect you to a site that explains in tedious detail what your options are. Such as using your browser to reject cookies, which would also delete any helpful ones you already have.
Perhaps I’m paranoid, and should just accept the bloody things.


It’s a mess really. I have seen EU discussing ending it but no actions made yet it seems.

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When will all this brilliance subside? Has the webmaster been tested for controlled substances? I never agreed to participate in a User Acceptance testing program. High time to get things in proper order.

Anyone else using ‘dark mode’ and seeing some background flickering as though something is updating/loading in the page ever so briefly - starting to wonder if it’s my monitor, Mac Mini or me! Only started a few days ago.

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I’m still getting it, and it’s still just as annoying!

Have you tried a browser refresh, or tried deleting history & cookies and starting again? If it persists, let me know the browser and OS and I’ll let our web developer know.

Hi Richard,

I have deleted all site data (cookies and cached), but still the same behaviour.

I don’t allow trackers or 3rd party cookies (for a specific safety reason), so there seems to be no way to make the answer to not allow non-essential cookies permanent.

I use Firefox on Windows 10 pro, AMD Ryzen 5 CPU.

OK thanks Xanthe. I’ve directed or Web Developer to view this thread. Being the weekend though, I may not hear back until next week.

Yesterday (Friday) evening I had a bout of repeated cookie box popups on both iOS/Safari and OSX/Firefox. Can’t remember the last time I saw them, so it can’t be coincidence.
Probably unrelated, but I’ve noticed a bit of odd behaviour recently. The notification button on iOS seems to come and go erratically. Also, this strange little blue icon appeared briefly a couple of days ago:

Chris, have you tried logging out then back in again. This I have found usually clears any odd behaviour.

Who is the Einstein whose sole objective is to make this forum as user-unfriendly as possible? Have a modicum of respect for the CUSTOMERS who use this space, please?

How odd, not seeing any cookie related things.

On my ipad, I get that silly message systematically when I open the forum page and sometimes even when I switch forum categories. It’s quite annoying that someone is experimenting with settings incessantly because she or he apparently has nothing better to do.
“Make required changes to the Naim forum user-experience in order to antagonize and annoy our pesky Customers”