Core network transfer speed

Hi Folks,

Could you kindly help to test the Core transfer speed through network (SMB) ?

My result as below and feel the speed is too low when PC transfer to Core.

PC to Core = 2MB-3MB
Core to PC = 40-50MB

Thanks a lot !!!

Do you mean Mbits - not MBytes…?

And specifically Mbps - M bits per second…?

HI IanRobertM,

No, it is Bytes not bits.


So its an amount - not a rate then…?

Speed needs to have a time to it. Sorry to be picky.

You could have MBytes per second or per minute, if you want.
But the usual unit for speed is Mega bits per second - Mbps.

[Bytes are not the same as Bits - Byte. My Broadband speed in around 35Mbps - thats 35 mega bits per second. Full Fibre BB can be 100Mbps or more.]

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My test result was done on the local LAN.

PC and Core are connect to 1000Mbps port, the transfer speed is around 100MB per second depend on both device performance.

On 1 gig networks 100MB/s is about your lot, 110 if you are lucky and with a fair wind.

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@marcobb0312 I transferred data from one Melco to another this summer and my transfer speeds a ross network were about 4-10mbs! VERY slow. Melco write everything in sequence rather than in the normal way a HHD works. It was painful and took me a couple of weeks to transfer the data (in batches over night and weekends)

Did you do it direct or via another device and was this on a 1990s fast cisco switch because it sounded better?

@Steve What is your melco network port speed ? 100 Mb ? If yes, 4-10MB is normal.

In my situation, my uniti core connect to cisco 2960 1000Mb port, the speed should be around around 40-50MB but current not.

@garyi My uniti core is connect to Cisco 2960G , it is giga port.

I checked the port information, no in, out and CRC error, but the speed is too low when PC transfer to Core.

Otherwise, return traffic is no problem, so strange

It’s not just the network though. In one direction it is reading from your PC disk and writing to the Core disk. In the other, the opposite.

I don’t think you can test the network transfer rate on the Core in isolation of the performance of the disks and file system on either end.

@feeling_zen I had tested my PC to other PC/NAS in the same network also, it can reach 100MB both direction, so it is not relate any file system in current generation.

I’d suggest using a tool like Microsoft’s diskspd.exe to test raw IO performance over the network SMB share.

@feeling_zen I am using Mac OS.

Then it will be the UNIX tool fio. It will need a config file to define the test parameters. Great tool though.


  1. It result from Core

  2. It result from NAS

It is odd I understand the melco is not exactly a Stella server and that the drives are usually mirrored so all data will copy to one drive the mirror to the other.

It may work differently but you should expect circa ten times that speed. When I do substantial transfers to my unraid server because it has parity it will be slower as it’s writing many bits twice etc so it normally drops to around 50megs a second. 4 does not sound right

However as I asked if it’s not a direct connection that is to say you initiated the copy from your computer desktop then you have introduced another hop in the chain and this will have a dramatic effect on speed

Whether that’s normal for the Core or not I can’t say. I don’t use one. But I guess a core question (no pun intended) is aside from the actual numbers, are you actually experiencing a “problem”? Is music cutting out? Are there delays in playback start, that sort of thing?

Or is it just that the expectation is that the numbers be higher?

Also, what happens if you play around with the block/chunk size of the test parameters?

@marcobb0312 yes limited to 100 via switch :slight_smile:

I found what cause the speed too slow but I don’t now how to fix it.

My Core and NDX are connected to Melco S100, I tried connect the PC to the Melco S100 switch directly, the speed resume normal, both direction has 40-50MB.

But I don’t know why my PC connect to the Cisco 2960G and Cisco 2960G connect to Melco S100 will cause the speed slow.