Core Question

My brother has a Uniti Core…

His internal hd is acting up and he’s contemplating reformatting the drive. Then he would reintroduce the files from his nas storage…

The question is, when the files are reintroduced will they end up in the Music folder or the Downloads folder? Hopefully the former.

Thanks for any information.

You would do a backup then a restore; it will be restored in exactly the same way as it is now.


I only do local streaming from my Core, (no nas) so I’m unfamiliar with much of this. Wouldn’t my brothers hard drives in his nas have to be formatted in the Core’s proprietary format to do the kind of restore described in Dave’s response?

I think my brothers idea was to transfer the files using a computer (not the Core function). I just wanted to insure they end up in his Music and not Downloads folder.

Sorry for any misunderstanding on my part.


The Core doesn’t ask to format NAS drives like it does do for a USB drive.

But you should get your brother to read the answer that Robert linked. It’s all in there.

Undoubtedly the easy way to do this is to backup the music to a spare USB drive using the Core’s backup function, put the newly-bought drive in the Core, make it the Music Store in Manage Music in the app and then Restore the backup to the Core. But he could restore a backup from a NAS.

Just moving the files around isn’t a good way to do it, including that the new Music folder on the Core’s internal drive is locked so he would have to put everything into the downloads folder.

Thanks David, your last paragraph was what I wanted to be cautious about and now you’ve verified it. So I think the spare usb drive with the Core formatting and it’s proprietary backup is the way to go.

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