Cosmetic defect

Hi guys,

I’ve recently purchased a used NAP 500DR and it has a very small cometic defect. It seems like the paint finisher has missed a spot. Anyway just wondering if anyone else has noticed any small manufacturer defects on the 500 series. I’m undecided if it’s even worth the hassle of sending it to Naim for a touch up.

I should add that the NAP 500DR is actually very nice looking. I was always of the opinion that it’s the ugly duckling in the range because of its height. In the flesh it’s a very pretty amp.


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Personally, as it is used and if it is going to be in a rack I would not worry. But everyone feels differently about such things.


I think/thought they were anodised, so might not be a case of touching up with paint. Or that doing so might not actually be much of an improvement.

I also thought part of the cost of the 500 series was the meticulous preparation of the cases, so flaws in new kit were particularly rare.

I don’t own 500 kit, but if I did I don’t think what you posted would bother me too much.

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It looks like it may have had a minor scrape at some point in its life, probably from when it was pulled from a rack. Personally, as it’s a used unit I wouldn’t worry about it. You could probably touch it in quite easily with a Staedtler permanent black pen (just be sure to wipe over with a damp towel about 10 or so seconds after application to remove the slight purplish tint these can give in certain light), or else a very fine brush with flat black paint. If you don’t feel confident doing that then leave it be.


Yes, only A grade cosmetic parts made it to actual customer units. B grade was OK for staff builds but anything worse would be rejected and scrapped. That part in the picture would never have made it to either a customer or a staff build, so could only have been damaged during its life with the original owner.


Having had some problem bits with anodizing fails in the fascias of a particular batch (unrelated to your problem), I can confirm that Naim are able to replace the anodized portions of most kit if it bothers you. I had no less than 5 fascias replaced.

For what is in your picture, I would live with it until the next service. At most, I might send an email to support and ask them to set aside a fascia with your name on it if you plan on a service before reselling.


Thanks guys. Perhaps the photo does not show it properly but it doesn’t look like a scratch from what I can tell. It looks like a bit that hasn’t been painted but I could be mistaken.

That’s good advice about the fascia replacement upon a service but this unit won’t need a service for a decade or more. It’s a 2021 build.

I’ll email Naim just to enquire. Overall the build and fit and finish is amazing. I’m very impressed.

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I would very much live with i . Or as @Richard.Dane has already suggested, try black marker pen or satin black paint.

I would expect replacement of the parts affected at Salisbury to be expensive. Whether that is worth it for you, only you can decide… :thinking:

[I own an XPS2 which has damage to its top surface, due its original owner stacking a CDX2 or similar directly on it. The damage is not visible once it is ‘racked’, but I have done what I can to reduce it. Satin Black model paint was my solution. YMMV, etc.]

Interesting, I never knew you could remove that purple tinge by doing this!

You can’t. My 282, NDX, HCdr, XPSdr and 250 all had purple tinge due to an anodizing fault and not only could it not be removed, over time it got worse. Members of the previous forum might remember a pic of my shocking pink 282. Naim replaced all the fascias.

I still have the old purple and pink ones in a box.

Its not likely to be a cosmetic defect, anodising involves the whole part being imersed in an anodising tank so that the whole piece of aluminium gets coated. There can be jig marks from where they hang the part, but they always place these on a non visible face. As Richard says, its probably been scuffed from removing it from a rack. Any 500 series box I own or have seen has an impeccable finish, including the brushing which adds a premium. I would cover it in matt paint as its more permanent than ink and enjoy the beast for its music making ability.


They are referring to the purple tinge that you get from a black marker pen.

I bought a NAP500, 552 & 2x 555PS all new back in 2019 and both 555 have minor blemishes on the case facia plates. I was faced with a choice of sending back and having no music or just accepting it. I accepted it. The blemishes are small but not 100% convinced on the QC. These marks are very minor and clearly due to the anodisation process being thin in a couple of places.

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The grooved central section on the front of my NAP500 has two shades of black, the lower part being darker. This is quite obvious in direct sunlight, but since I tend to keep the curtains closed in that room, I don’t really notice it. When it’s due a service I might enquire about changing it, but it doesn’t really bother me.

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Ohhhhhh. Gotcha.

Anybody got any suggestions on how to remove the purple ish tinge from my 52? :thinking:

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Have you tried Photoshop?


Just a bit off topic, i have two minor blemish on the top plate of my CD555, something like a very little dent on the rear edge. I asked the service manager at LASA to order a new replacement part, despite their reluctance for the cost. Unfortunately, last year, this part seemed no longer available.
Please can you confirm me this ?

Hi Roberto, that’s something best confirmed by someone at Naim - you could try contacting Naim support.

Not Matt paint - Satin is better… :slightly_smiling_face: