Crash in my SN2...; any clue would be appreciated

The fact is that listening normally, on background while I was working, with the potentiometer about 8 o’clock, as always, suddenly, without touching anything, it has made a stranger and has been left the sound flat, without depth, as if it lacked current; it is not that the volume has lowered substantially, because I have checked it with the sonometer, something yes, but it has lost all depth, and has remained, I do not know, a flat sound, without any depth, I do not know how to explain it better.

I hadn’t noticed anything like this until today that this has happened, but it has lost the SQ so good that it had and was left with a sound off, without dynamics, flat…

With how happy and satisfied I was…; quite frustrating, anyway.

Has anything like that happened to anyone…? I would appreciate any hint…


How old is your SN2? It shouldn’t have done it, as even the oldest SN2 would not be 10 years old yet.
Most of the times, what you’ve described would be synonymous with a power-amp in a desparate of service.

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Odd. I would try it in another location if possible, or if not try it when other demands on power are low - after hours/weekend. See if the magic returns.IF so the amp is fine, other issues are affecting the performance.
Then maybe to a dealer for their thoughts and/or possible service.

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Was the issue momentary or did it stay flat? Did you try turning off and on, any change? Did you use any electrical devices at the time when this occurred that might draw lots of current?

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Thanks, Adam.

According to the dealer, he is 4 years old but new; but the truth is, I don’t trust him too much anymore.

Thanks, cdboy.

Yes, that’s the first thing I thought.

The last thing I added was the IsoTek EVO3 Sirius strip, so I tested it with the old ProJect strip, and also directly to the wall socket, with nothing more noteworthy running at home. It changes the sound lightly, as expected, but still offers a loose, flat sound, not like the one before.

Thanks, timbre.

It’s still flat, no air and no definition. No electrical device when it happened, as usual, no change in anything.

As I note above, some changes in sound through the old strip and the wall plug, but it remains fundamentally flat, without air or definition. It is true that with the IsoTek strip the effect is more accentuated, could it be because of its higher quality and filters, that if the integrated has any problems, it accentuate them more…?

Have you compared it with and without the Sirius? I use one on my SN2 without any problems and it certainly improved the focus of the sounds and lowered the noise floor.

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Commenting with the dealer, he offers me to swap it for another SN2 new brand unit of the last units remaining at no cost, or to swap it for a SN3 new brand unit, in this case, paying the price difference over what I paid for this, of course.

I think, given the reviews and opinions, it can be a good opportunity to take it for the SN3. What do you think…?

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Yes, first thing. I tested it with the old ProJect strip, and also directly to the wall socket, with nothing more noteworthy running at home. It changes the sound lightly, as expected, but still offers a loose, flat sound, not like the one before.

That would be an offer I would take up, for sure.

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Might be something wrong with your source here or a connection issue.
Would be troublesome if a new SN2 or SN3 plays out the same flatness.

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i was about to ask that too…

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I’m sorry to read of your amplifier problem, and can’t offer any solutions to the ‘crash’. But I agree with Toby and MPW that the circumstances of the crash need to be investigated, otherwise a move to SN2 or SN3 is potentially pointless.

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Sounds like a good opportunity to get a new SN3 to me :grinning:



Thank you all for your participation and contributions.

It looks like something related to the built-in amplifier stage: after testing in the wall plug, with the old strip, and again with the IsoTek strip, and reviewing all connections, the problem comes and goes, with slight changes in power without moving the potentiometer. The fact is that in the face of the appearance of this problem, yes it is true that I had previously noticed slight, but very light, ups and downs in the power delivery. And, from afar, it looks to me like something related with some condenser or capacitor, but I don’t know…

It is something that I had not raised, but they say that the occasion paints it bald, and I think I will accept the dealer’s offer on the new SN3; finally, if it is a non-device power problem, it should replay and then the new integrated would be discarded. But I doubt it very much, because in 15 years no other system in the same place and with the same outlets has had a similar operation, and the rest of the devices connected on the same strip seem to work perfectly.

In any case, I will report on the evolution of the creature in this same thread…

Thank you all again, and greetings to the forum.

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In my years of owning SN2 I never had any issues with it.

If the dealer offers to swap it for either SN2 or SN3 I would take that opportunity.

But - listen to both of them at home, for at least 1-2 weeks per amp.

Good luck!


ask the dealer if you can take the SN3 and test it in your home

In your place - i will pay the difference and take the SN3 - if it is in my affordable range


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Swap for the SN3… if nothing else you’ll get a new warranty, and better resale or trade value down the road. In the mean time you can check all your cables and connections. I had a Creek Destiny, Once, I was listening to something mellow like the Beatles when the left channel just when Pfttt… Took weeks and weeks to get it fixed…Last Creek product I’ll ever own. I’ll mention that in the USA and I’m sure elsewhere there are lots off very small micro surges and spikes in the AC. With out any type of surge protection or power line conditioning the power supplies of ones equipment take these little hits; it’s not good and shortens the life of any component.

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…if I had the cash I most likely would jump on the SN3. This way you know you getting a brand new amp from the factory! I don’t think you could go wrong with a new SN 2, so it does appear you are going to resolve your current dilemma.

Good Luck with your decision.


Thank you for the participation and the contributions.

No, I actually already had the SN2 in test at home at the beginning, and later I’ve been enjoying it for a little over a couple of months; so I already know what the SN2 sounds like in my setup. It would now be either to service and, where appropriate, repair this SN2 unit; or to opt directly for another new brand SN2 unit, of which there are no more, at no cost; or jump to a new brand SN3 unit, with the cost of the difference over what I paid for this one.

Actually, the fault occurred with the unit, and the other components, connected to an IsoTek EVO3 Sirius strip, which, in addition to EMI and RFI conditioning, has AC surges and spikes protection.

Yes, although happy and satisfied with the SN2, I have finally taken the decision to jump to SN3; it is an unexpected situation but it has brought this opportunity, and the improvement on the SN2, especially in the power stage, although I don’t think it’ll be tremendous, will come well with the K6; In addition, the phone option will allow me to recover my Denon DP300, which without being a marvel, especially in its phone equalizer, will not cease to be a reasonable transport with an Ortofon 2M Blue capsule.

If nothing happens, on Monday or Tuesday the dealer’s command would take off this SN2 unit and by the end of the week I would have the new brand SN3 unit at home. I just hope it works normally, as it should, without any problem, and to be able to enjoy it, as it seems I will never finish updating the system…

I will report in this thread and, once installed and run in, I will comment on my SN3 vs SN2 impressions in the corresponding thread.

Thank you all and greetings.


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