It is.

Not behind the bowler’s arm, but not bad. Glorious day here. Took me a few minutes to realise they’d renamed the stand and find my seat.


Hold that seat for me, I’ll be there next year.

If you’re at Headingley I’ll buy you a beer or two.

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I’ve got to try and make sure I get a seat first, apparently not that easy.

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Nope, the Ashes sell out fast.

I’m willing to alter my trip to suit whatever tickets I can get at any venue.

The tickets go faster than Barry Allen on greased lightning - I would certainly register with all grounds or see if they can be purchased in Australia

I just Googled it and there’s nothing yet, there seems to be a few sharks that want a deposit based on a promise and a waiting list.

Great waste of a review, middle stump halfway up.

Yep, and he must have known he didn’t hit it. Interesting first hour, bowlers looked very threatening for the first 6 overs, then until Young missed a straight one it all looked innocuous. I’m hoping Williamson gets his eye in, on song he’s a joy to watch, and apart from one glorious drive he’s been pretty out of touch.

Overton is looking very military medium at the moment, hope he gets his rhythm.

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Broady approaching 550 test wickets, shame he won’t topple Glen McG for all-time 5th spot this series, but it’s a matter of time :+1:

I loved the look of confusion on Leach’s face when his teammates mobbed him for Nicholls’s wicket. It flew across in front of me to Lees and I still wasn’t sure what I was watching.


Crazy wicket! Just wondering, assume not out if it had glanced the Ump?

My understanding is a glance off the ump would still be out. Could be wrong.

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No, spot on, Nasser just explained.

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I mentioned this in the make you feel old thread. I’m watching Michael Bracewell bat at Headingley. I’ve just checked cricinfo, it was 1986 I saw his uncle John play in the Lords Test, over 4 years before Michael was born.


Looks like my last post on this thread has proved to be all too prophetic…

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England batting like they have a train to catch later. Not sure there are any.

Didn’t England watch the kiwi innings? Hang in there then when the ball goes soft cash in/ play Bazball. The innings is only 25 overs old at the mo. Vic Marks " Moving away from total calamity and heading to mediocrity" Ouch!