Brutal by the openers. Who needs a middle order!

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3rd T20 underway and England doing OK as at ~16:30 BST.

We need a good middle order performance today by the looks.

Interesting that Duckett having failed as a Test opener (many years ago) is now playing well in T20. Kinda reflects the way the game has gone these last few years :frowning:


I think Harry Brook will be an ideal replacement for Bairstow.
I’d like to see him in the test side, he looks a class player.


I thought we had enough yesterday, we shall see today.

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I’ve not seen much of HB but it appears his technique (like the best players in any format) has classical foundations and that was quite a knock, as was Duckett’s.

As for Woody, blimey he’s quick today – just make sure they wrap him up in cotton wool and bubble wrap until the next match :grin:

…and the dynamic opening duo are gone.

Also, very good to see the wonderful spirit between the teams.


Blimey, Wood zipped one at 156kph past Babar’s nose.

Brook and Duckett contrasting styles to good effect.


I just read 97mph. Wow.

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India win second T20 against Aus to level the series, apparently rain caused havoc and game was reduced to 8 overs a side.

T8. Could catch on.

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I know 8 overs isn’t a game of cricket it’s practice. It’s a joke imo.


Women’s ODI Eng v India today and England have started well (no spoilers).

India could have been read the England men’s batting handbook, where one match you do stonkingly well, the next not so clever.

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India resort to Mankad. Not a satisfactory way to end our international season.


Imagine if an England player did this out in Pakistan, to win a game or not.

There are things which transcend the laws – and the etiquette of cricket has taken a beating today a la Trevor Chappell.

Pathetic and calculated IMV.

The appeal should have been withdrawn by Harmanpreet…and if I was the umpire I would have asked that question.


If there was a warning, I can just about understand it. Not sure there was.


There wasn’t one.

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I thought not. I would not invite her back.

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It’s professional sport, it’s in the rules and the batter is trying to take an unfair advantage.
Is it part of the spirit of the game for batters to seek an unfair advantage?

Well you can also argue that faking to bowl is unsportsmanlike, and watching the clip she only left the crease as she started her delivery stride…

Poor IMV.



Your first three words might be the problem.

She had the opportunity to withdraw but the desire to win won … reminds me of latter day Australian teams. Disappointed.

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