This was a tour which didn’t fit the calendar well, in that:
1- too soon after the Test series in NZ
2- some players elected to play PSL e.g. Hales
3- If you take the ODI series, England batted dumbly at times when chasing modest scores, and in the T20 series, the bowling was often wayward.

Unquestionably, Bangladesh are far better now than yesteryear (as their results at home show), having a decent batting line-up able to play pace, and have quality medium/fast bowlers, something they didn’t focus on given the type of wickets at home.

On quicker bouncier strips away from home they can still be bullied - I see them developing as Sri Lanka did.

As you allude, if you take England away from the concrete runway tracks with little/no movement, they often struggle, often through poor technique and impatience.


England’s white ball squad seems like it is ‘hanging on’ for the ODI WC with a number of players surely going to retire afterwards. Moeen, Woakes, Rashid, Jordan even Roy maybe?

They have good depth and are bringing on new players, and needed experience of these pitches but Bangladesh were excellent. You also sensed (from the crowds if nothing else) that the T20s were what mattered most to them.



Aussies bowled out for a 188 in the 36th over in the first ODI against India. Don’t think they have the strike force to bowl them out.

Aussies are still in this at the mo.

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Australia won the toss and bowling first 5 overs down 35/3. Stark has taken all three wickets.

Aussies bowl out India for 117 in the 26th over. Stark took 5 for 53.

Australia win by 10 wickets in the 11th over. Head 51 from 64 and Marsh 66 from 36.

That’s madness, 39 overs left. Very impressive performance.

Yep it’s probably the equal to a 2 day test. :grin:

Blimey! When I played league cricket we chased a score down in this way but the league rules said to get a result, the chasing innings had to be min 15 overs!!!

The numpty opposing captain wanted us to bat on :exploding_head:

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I think the Indians were pretty happy to get off the pitch as soon as possible. Bit of an embarrassment.

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Great performance but is that another dodgy wicket?


In the shorter formats it’s seems whoever wins the toss wins the game.

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Aus win the 3rd ODI against India to clinch the series 2–1. The win now puts Aus on top of the rankings for tests and ODI according to the ICC (sorry chaps). :grin:

When you win the WC you can claim your prize!

Good series win in India though.


Well tbh you can only win the games in front of you and I never said they were world champs. However it’s interesting to note that they’re ranked 1 in tests having played considerably less games (35) than England (50) and India (37) and less ODIs than India (35v47).

I don’t think there’s a great deal between the top four at the moment.
Each can beat the other in any format on any given day which is healthy for cricket.
I think England hamper themselves with too busier schedule which also devalues the game.

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Think you’re basically right and it is good for cricket. Re Englands schedule I was staggered when I looked at the number of games they played. 15 more tests than the Aussies.

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Yes, and the schedules also make it impossible to play red and white ball matches. Certainly in the last 6 months. So no squad has been at full strength.


Yes, two teams playing at once recently .

KP not happy with the current England set-up. The guy must be nuts