Critic NAP250 DR Review

It’s always good when the latest Hi-Fi Critic mag arrives just in time for a bit of light weekend reading.
This issue has an interesting and informative review of the 250DR by Martin Colloms…


I never got to hear one with my much-easier-to-drive Devore speakers. Back then I borrowed a 250.2 from the local dealer but didn’t like it (with a 282/HCDR) any more than my SN2 at the time.


Is it any good ? (tried to look up the review)

Yep. Genuine high end and musical sound was the summary. Hopefully Naim will get the review onto its review pages in the near future. It’s a good read.

Given it’s been a staple of the Naim amplifier line up for nearly 50 years, albeit revised a number of times in that period, I wonder what the next revision will bring. I can’t see the 250 leaving the product line.


IMV, the 250DR is the best value for money power amp in the range.

I pushed my trusty 250DR to the max by eventually feeding it from a ND555 and NAC552. I never got the feeling it was out of its depth, although it could sound a touch ragged when the going got tough in the music mix. But what a brilliant power amp it is and it saw me through many source and pre amp upgrades and it was never disgraced. It clearly showed the value of all those upgrades and produced wonderful music until the 500DR arrived.

Now that is a whole different story and a whole different level of spend……


+1 for the excellence of 250DR. One afternoon I tested the 250DR intensively against 250.2 and was suprised at its performance. Well, NDS plus Kudos S20A were needed for the 250DR to show its real performance… It is a great match with 282. Happy to hear it can stand the ground of 552 :slight_smile:

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there’s a different level of performance from the 250DR when it is fed though a Superlumina DIN to XLR. The standard cable is really holding things back.


Absolutely agree with that. Superlumina DIN/XLR between 272 and 250DR opened up treble and added detail to sound, made far more difference in our system than SL speaker cables.

We’re soon getting to a 252 in front of the 250DR and can’t wait. Whilst a 300DR might be on the cards at some future point the 250DR has never sounded stressed even at the high volume levels I listen at when the wife is out. If we do move to 300DR the 250DR will move into the office system.


I had 250 dr then moved to 300 dr it was good but the 250dr was better in every way with the nac 252. Myself I would stay with 250 dr excellent amplifier


Did anybody find this review from Martin Colloms online somewhere?
I tried to order the HiFi Critic issue but they are not able fulfil orders for a while.

When I go to the HifiCritic website, there seems to be an option to buy and download the current issue as a PDF?

Edit: I think I was confused, the download option seems to be only for excerpts and cover. Well that’s a pity

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You can order but you must guarantee that you accept the extra fees that are added due to the EU withdrawal, chat with the support, they will help you.

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Perhaps @Richard.Dane could ask to put the review on the Naim site.
Or James could copy and paste it.
It’s a shame that the magazine can’t be bought online. I will not throw away 30 euros to buy the paper version.


Due to copyright please don’t post it on here unless you have Hifi Critic’s express permission to do so.


Are you feeling any better Richard?

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I have a very sore throat and cold-like symptoms but otherwise I’m OK, thanks Gaz.


Speedy recovery Richard.


I missed that you were unwell Richard, hope it clears soon. (And the offer of a Léoville Barton ‘85 as a rest cure is still open if you are ever in West Yorkshire).


Sorry to read that Richard. Take it easy.

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Good to hear Richard a friend of mine was laud low recently for 3 weeks despite having had his covid booster.

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