My system has been virtually untouched for over a year. It was turned off for over a week while we had work done in the dining room and despite sealing the doors it ended up covered in a layer or fine plaster dust - I’m sure you know what it’s like. Since turning back on, after a good dusting, about a week ago, it’s been sounding a tad dull.

So, prompted by the fact that there were still dusty bits, I stripped it right down earlier today. I damp dusted everything, tightened the Fraim, polished the glass and stainless steel balls, cleaned all the plugs with a few insertions, and set it all up again, taking extra special care with cable dressing. After the initial expected couple of hours with no bass, it’s now sounding wonderful. Brighter and more dynamic, more detailed and much more involving. Just great. I always forget how much of a difference a jolly good clean can make. Crumbs! It’s like how the windows gradually get fogged up and it’s only when you clean them that you realise how bad they’d got and how bright the colours outside really are.

People post similar things to this every so often and it’s nothing new, but I thought it worth reiterating they point that a full strip down once a year is a great idea. With Christmas just around the corner, and more time to listen to music for many, it’s worth getting the system singing as it can. It’s totally free, and the two hours were rather enjoyable in a funny sort of way.


Plaster dust is the worse too since it’s so fine. I’ve just redressed everting yesterday whilst installing the S/L I/C as well, it’s worth the effort.

I also redressed my system today.

So no cables touch each other.

And now the power cables and Ethernet cables and speaker cables don’t touch the carpet - they’re suspended on rectangles of underlay.

I moved the three boxes up one level. So now the Burndy doesn’t touch the carpet.

I tightened and Levelled the the rack, and added in another switch.

Dusted it all.

Very satisfying to do yoga afterwards while listening to All Melody by Nils Frahm, and it sounded very solid and clear.

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Must be a year or so since my current set up was settled. Loathe to touch it at the moment as it’s currently working some magic. I bet there’s some serious dust bunnies round the back though. Might give it a go next weekend.

I really need to get motivated to do this. I set up the 552 just about 2 months ago, and was too lazy to take the Fraim all the way down to where I could re-level its feet. One stack is slightly higher off the floor than the other, sadly. I’m a bit OCD about it, but not so much that I fix it. Instead, I just don’t look.

I do have some new ac power distro ‘stuff’ coming; maybe I’ll be motivated then.

@hungryhalibut when ever I need to disconnect anything my contact cleaner of choice has been Kontak

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Rick, note that with their DIN and 4mm plugs and sockets, Naim expressly advise against using contact cleaners like Kontak. Better here to just rely on the self cleaning of repeatedly breaking and remaking connections now and then to clean the contacts.

Nigel, a timely post; I’ve been putting off breaking down the system, Fraim and SL2s to do a rebuild. It’s all sounding great still, but I realise it has been more than a year since I last did this. I had better bite the bullet…


My SL2s have been untouched for four years! It’s time to give them a tweak I think. I bought Adam’s old torque driver from him. It has magical powers. I’ve only got one stack of Fraim and even that completely covered the floor and I had a brief ‘why on Earth did I do this?’ feeling. But the results more than justify the effort - the system has been transformed.

Hi Jim

Just wondering what your thinking behind underlay vs carpet is? Suspended so wires touch nothing other than air I understand (albeit with a little dose of scepticism). Simply adding more underlay on top of the carpet seems unlikely, to me, to achieve much.

Nigel - my SL2s have not been touched since Jason set them up for me in April 2017.
I guess the bolts may need checking for torque.
When you do yours if you could share what you did and how that would be very helpful to others with SL2s thinking of doing it!
I’ll need to acquire a correct torque wrench.

Philip Pullman would be proud of you, HH. Another supporter of the magical properties of ‘Dust’!


My SuperLumina cables live happily on the carpet. In fact one goes through a plastic conduit underneath the fireplace. No room for cable lifters there.

Yes, I realise that the underlay is almost the same as the carpet.
Except that I have it upside down so it’s a slightly harder surface that facing up.

So the difference is that now each cable only touches about 7 inches of underlay - the rest is air between the rectangles that support the cables.

So I guess that should reduce static and vibrations?

But do the cables sway between the rectangles?
And is that worse than laying on the carpet?
Who knows?

It sounds good, the effect of supporting the cables may be inaudible.

But would it be better to use hard plastic supports?

I have no idea…

But it doesn’t seem to do any harm.

I’m going to wait until Christmas is over. What with bringing in dusty decorations and the general commotion of moving things about.

Can I suggest if you’ve various burndies and the usual basket of snaking interconnects, that c. 2 weeks after a rebuild you check these again for separation etc,. I know with mine some of those pesky burndies ‘relax’ and make a B-line for other cabling.

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Hi Dave. I’ll get round to it in the next couple of days and will post a picture of the bits you need to check.

Many thanks Nigel. That’s kind.

Me too. We will put up a real tree, which inevitably sheds some needles. And the tree sits next to the Fraim. When the tree is gone, I’ll set aside a cold Sunday afternoon and take it all apart . . . and see if I can get it back together correctly :sunglasses:

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Foam pipe insulation cut into 2cm lengths is your friend.

Dives for cover!