DAC-V1 and MQA

can DAc-v1 decode the Mqa files from S/pDIF or only from usb?
i have to interconnect to NODE2i

Naim don’t support MQA at all.

so the MQA files of tidal or qubuz are not played or are “compressed”?

To my knowledge, Qobuz does not use MQA.

Qobuz doesn’t have MQA, its HiRes content is FLAC at higher rates, typically 24 bit 96kHz, which I’m pretty sure the DAC-V1 supports.

It goes up to dsd 384/24, so beyond any current streaming service.

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Yes but i think only from usb, not from s/pdif of NODE

Spdif or optical is max 24/96.

Spdif coax is 24/192, optical is only officially 24/96.

then it is better to use the NODE2i internal dac in order not to lose quality

I doubt it. If the only difference were 96 vs 192, both at 24 bit, I would expect the quality of the DAC to have a far greater influence on sound quality.


so in any case it would be better to use the dac-v1? I have to decide whether to buy the dac to be placed side by side or think of a new streamer

For your DSD metadata issue the files need to be of the DSF type and not DFF in order to be able to show metadata.

I tried the difference between tidal master r deezer hifi and it is substantial already with only the internal dac of the node. i don’t know whether to invest in the dac-v1 (i should buy tomorrow) or not

DAC V1 fed via USB is the best sound quality (a large portion of the expense of the V1 is for the audiophilio USB input). It also acts as a preamp, which can’t be entirely bypassed even in fixed volume mode, so you should consider if you need that function.

i should connect it to a 202. can you connect to node via usb?

No idea as I don’t own a Node. Look it up.

No you cant.
quote “while there is a USB-A connection on the back of the Bluesound, it is for accessing sticks and thumb drives and can’t be used as a digital output.”

You need to listen to both but I suspect the age of the design of the V1 is against it. I further suspect that the output from the node 2i will be at least equal to the output of the dac v1 in to the 202. If you want to improve the dac I would look elsewhere.

If MQA is particularly important to you like it was to me when I used Tidal with the V1 before my NDX2 and Qobuz, you can use something like a MacBook and Audirvana to USB which performs the first unfold of MQA and indeed the V1 did show the higher sample rate/depth. This is how I had my set up at one point. If your keeping the blu sound then maybe no point in doing it this way!

I enjoyed MQA as it was my first introduction into higher resolution audio although now I would not leave Qobuz and NDX2.