DAC V1 and NAC 202

Hi Guys, what would be the best way to connect DAC V1 to NAC202? I see that I can use RCA outputs, what about the DIN connectors? DAC V1 has a 4 pin connector and NAC 202 has a 5 pin connector - can I get anywhere 5 to 4 pin cable?

Has anyone tried connecting DAC V1 to NAC202? How’s the sound?
Is the the DAC part of NDX (old NDX, not NXD2) and DAC V1 the same?


Some have used a DAC-V1 as a source into pre-amp. Main issue though is that there’s no fixed line level output so you will still go through the DAC-V1’s volume control.

There is indeed a Naim 4-5 Interconnect;

The DACs of both the DAC-V1 and the NDX used a SHARC DSP with a Burr Brown PCM1791A DAC chipset. But that doesn’t mean they sounded the same.

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It’s possible to set the volume as “fixed” in the DAC-V1 settings.

Correct. But you can’t avoid the volume control - i.e it’s not a proper line output, so will have some impact on performance.


Does the 202 have av bypass option on the av input din socket? I can’t see there’s a toggle switch on the back. That would allow you to use the dac v1 volume control and not double up on the preamp stage.

Yes, the NAC202 has a unity gain option that can be applied to the AV input through program mode.

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