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Interesting Tested video (Adam Savage from Myth Busters fame) about why an Apple USB-C data cable costs $130 versus an Amazon Basics at $12. Cables obviously a bone of contention on this forum; particularly data cables.


Tested YouTube video

Discussed here before…

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They’re comparing apples with oranges…

The Apple cable is an active Thunderbolt 4 cable supproting 40Gbps, the Amazon Basics one only supports USB 2.0.


Yeah, and they acknowledge that. But not everyone understands the difference. They’re not saying the Apple cable is overpriced, i.e. that you can get the same for a fraction of the price. They’re saying the exact opposite. You get what you pay for.

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I saw that video posted on another forum. It does beggar the question as to what’s the difference between an Apple 2M TB4 at $129 and an OWC one at $57?

This is one area where I think USB C is very confusing.

You have a charger with a USB C output, USB C to USB C cable and a device with USB C input/output which may be for data or data/power.

All 3 items could be mismatched in terms of what you actually need for best performance if you’re not careful, and with leads in particular they all look pretty similar to the casual user (like me).

The physical format is not confusing, at least when properly referred to as USB Type C (i.e. the connector type follows on from Type A and Type B).

However, the rest is a total mess, Power Delivery, Thunderbolt, pull up resistors and exloding devices etc. To say nothing of USB C Power Delivery hubs with ethernet taking whole networks down when the hub is disconnected…

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