DBLs refurbished as meant to be

Intended as a Gallery for all those recently refurbished DBL beauties here :wink:


Looking very good indeed Charlie.


Damn this is amazing. Top work! Who did the restoration or was it a diy effort?

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You have done an amazing job there @Charlie. (I followed your progress here and in another place). They look beautiful and I have no doubt that they sound beautiful too.

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Lewis there is an entire diy thread on it :wink:

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The finish on those DBLs is stunning.

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That’s definitely the best set of DBLs I’ve seen, I’m not a fan if them in Black . I wonder if they would pass the SWMBO test? She detests my Briks. :grin:

Edit. No they didn’t. :slightly_frowning_face:


Gosh…they look stunning, and that room. I take my hat off to you Sir👍

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Beautifully done! Well worth the effort as the results are spectacular - a labour of love fully realised. I’ve only ever (fully) refurbished one set of speakers (much smaller than DBLs) and the effort required was considerable, so I know a lot of time and patience has gone into that beautiful finish. Superb.

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@DBL , @delft , @Mario, @Willy, @Geko, @Lyndon, @sbilotta and all other DBL owners
maybe you’d like to share some pics of your (refurbed) dbls here too :wink:

Thanks Charlie, I will check that out :slight_smile:


I clearly need to lose a few points for not finding a supplier that could do the taper on the replacement foam grilles …

Lovely speakers (and paintings), Charlie.

Is that the Tower of Babel?

Can you say who the paintings are by?

These are my late DBL’s in black. There were in the last batch ever produced, or so I’m told. So far the foam on the bass units appears okay and everything sounds good. The main refurb has been to replace the grills with the Tom Tom copies. Expensive but good.

The only way I know to get a band in your front room!:ok_hand:


Yes, the tower of Babel, a paining from my wife :wink:

Has anyone tried something like Iso Acoustics feet on DBLs to see if they wring a bit more performance out of the DBLs? The supplied spikes seem a bit sub standard compared to current feet offerings…


You mean something like these?

So far I havent. I once had some more fanciful and quite expensive chips -forgot which brand- on trial instead of the standard naim chips and didnt find them superieor. My dbls now sound so unbelievable with just their standard spikes I dont feel the itch at the moment.

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Yes those feet. I do know people have had great results with them on other speakers.