Dedicated mains - any experts in the house?


I have just read the following comment from an electrician on another hifi forum:

“Latest wiring regulations specify installation of surge protection devices ‘SPD’ and I routinely fit one with each new consumer unit install”

Am I right thinking a SPD will compromise the sound if not render the point of dedicated mains redundant? I am due to move house and will be taking the opportunity to take the advice of many on here and have a dedicated mains supply fitted for my system but this has me wondering.



Have you searched the forum for previous posts on this ?

There is lots of advice on dedicated mains under the following thread

I havent heard any comments on SPD, but if you have to have it, I’m sure a dedicated mains will still sound better than a ring. Has the circuit been put in yet, if not, what cabling is being suggested?

SPD is required in the latest (18th Edition Wiring Regs).
I don’t believe there is a requirement to retro fit in older property, I suspect DCU & replacement CB’s will move to SPD spec over time.
What makes you think they will be detrimental to SQ.

I will be moving into an older house - not there yet - which is over 100 years old.
I may have mis-understood from reading other threads that SPDs are detrimental to SQ.
If this is wrong, I am grateful for being corrected - thank you.

I would check with your electrician if it is mandatory. If you are adding a new circuit then it may well come under the Regs, and they may have no choice. Is this a new dedicated circuit going in, or updating something that’s already there?

I’ll be putting a new circuit in as the electrics aren’t good.

In that case you may have no choice, as your electrician will have to register the work that he does on the house confirming new circuits meet the regs

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