Dedicated Mains

Lots of topics on this but all locked and as it’s coming up on other threads so I thought I’d start a new one.

Particularly as today I’ve finally found an electrician who seems to get it.

I must have spoken to at least half a dozen electricians over the last year or so and responses have ranged from looks of utter bewilderment, to ‘I’ll get back to you’, to ‘no you really don’t need 10mm, 6mm is more than adequate’, and ‘forget the dedicated consumer unit it’s pointless I’ll just quote for a dedicated circuit’ etc etc. I’d all but given up until today when I was having some new kitchen lighting installed and I tentatively mentioned dedicated mains, expecting the usual dismissal…

But I got quite the opposite. He insisted on a dedicated earth, he’d installed an entertainment room previously with 6mm but agreed 10mm would be better. Only thing he wasn’t happy with was one cable run into two sockets, and said if I’m going to do it properly then have a separate cable run for each twin socket. He also thinks there are better options than MK. But he was enthused about it and, like me, was adamant that if I’m going to do it then there shouldn’t be any compromise.

That said I haven’t seen the quote yet :joy:


This latest sparky has to be your man Stu.


When I was getting my mains done, I was advised my Naim to avoid multiple spurs, as it can be less cohesive. So it’s either a single spur and a block, or multiple sockets daisy chained from a single spur.


From memory there’s a recommended CU. If someone can remind me it’ll me save a lot of thread trawling.

Otherwise it’s unswitched MK sockets.

Anything else? Here is the diagram another poster very helpfully posted that I’ve sent him

Anyone stretched to a dedicated house? One day…


Hmmm I don’t fancy a block. Yes I recall that now. I’ll tell him I want daisy chain. That will save me some money as well.

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I’m getting bored of asking > where are you? Regs and choices are different all over the world.


Agreed. I have four dedicated supplies into single sockets but after many hours comparing some years ago three of them are now unused and not even even powered up. It surprised me at the time with some big power supplies in my system all being fed from the one wall outlet via a block.

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I’m in the UK

The thing that I just cannot understand is the need for 10mm cable. Using a mains block means the maximum current form all equipment combined would be 16A - the fuse in the plug.

A standard radial circuit with 4mm cable can safely handle 20A so surely this is enough?

I am based in the UK so my comments are obviously only applicable for the UK.

Unfortunately my Hi-fi is as far away as it could be from my meter.

Options are through the attic or around the outside wall.

I think I’ll go with the latter.

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Lower resistance

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From memory…
Hager is preferred, for quality (and also some have reported preference in listening)

Good luck

I get really loud transformer hum. Last time my sister visited she heard it and was worried something was about to explode! I’m hoping dedicated mains will eliminate this but I also appreciate it might have no effect at all on it.

Thanks, I’m sure that was the name I was thinking of.

What about surge protection on the CU? Is that something to avoid?

Sorry @Cohen1263 , I realise my one word response could be taken as rude - certainly not intended. I am not aware that 10mm cable has less resistance than 4mm. I don’t have any 10mm cable at hand (only 4mm) so I can’t actually measure it. Is it true?

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I too have loud transformer hum but getting a dedicated line from my meter to the centre of the house would be impossible without taking up professionally laid flooring and it is not worth upsetting herself by even suggesting it!

I am considering a mains conditioner, possibly the Puritan 156. I know these used to be frowned upon for limiting dynamics but I believe that is not the case with the Puritan and perhaps several other brands.

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The electrician has just texted me this as a suggested alternative to MK sockets:

“ MS HD Power Audio Quality UK Double Gang Wall Socket Rhodium - MS9296Rh

MS HD Power UK Wall Sockets offer a high quality connection for what is an often overlooked weak link in the power supply chains of each of your rooms. The MS9296Rh UK wall socket is designed to optimize audio or A/V room power connections with high spring rate phosphor bronze conductive connections electroplated with 1.0µm rhodium plating. A white die-cast Bakelite cover panel material is used due to it having superior insulation and anti-vibration properties.”

Thoughts anyone? I must confess all this electrical stuff is beyond me.

Some threads on here seem to not like rhodium. I can’t recall where I read it but a search should find it.

A quick google reveals that these sockets cost about £113 each. A lot of money for a double socket but it will accept 10mm cable and would be a bargain if it works to solve the hum.