Diamond studded bezels on Rolex watches

What do people really think about this? It for sure pushes the prices of a decent watch up

Looks awful, just ‘look-at-me’ show off.
Spoils the watch aesthetically to boot.

IMHO of course - I’m not in the Rolex-league.


Seen some years ago at Abu Dhabi Airport duty free … … … solid silver embossed camel saddle, inlaid with twelve diamond encrusted Rolex Oyster watches, one at each hour marker.

Good taste, or what? :roll_eyes:

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HH’s pic of an example of, er…Rolex consummate elegance…seems to have disappeared.

Shame - I hadn’t finished counting the diamonds (could have taken forever?)

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I guess we should not generalise here. Obviously diamonds on a submariner would be ridiculous. Also maybe I’m being old fashioned, but also out of place on a men’s watch. So they can look understated in a tasteful way and also like a nice piece of jewellery

I decided to remove it because taste is so personal. I think it’s OTT but someone else may love it. Whose opinion matters more than anyone else’s? I bought a strap for a watch and loved it, posted a picture on here and someone else was really nasty about it, which I found rather hurtful. Obviously they thought they were being clever.

Can you post your watch strap again? I missed the opportunity to give my opinion.

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Tricky one with diamond studded watches. The stereotypical men’s Rolex with diamonds looks ridiculous, but a woman’s elegant Rolex with diamonds looks beautiful.

For men? Or women? That’s the first stop.

For men – obviously there IS a market for this. It’s a narrow slice of the market, but that narrow slice has so much money that these pieces get purchased as fast as they are made.

To grossly over-simplify some of that narrow slice, they are rap and hip-hop stars who wear them, and those who emulate them. Additionally there are various other pockets of culture internationally where this look is valued, flaunted, and paid for.

It’s no different any any number of fashion items, etc etc etc. CLEARLY not for a wide swath of the market.

If a baguette cut bejewelled Rolex raises an eyebrow or two you should take a look at Jacob & Co.


I know it was very poor, but my diamonds are forever joke sank…sigh, back to the day job, lol.

Agreed, taste is personal. I imagine Solstice owners look at their ‘Prestige’ in a whole different light (wink).

Oddly, I don’t think that Jacobs looks any more blingy than any £££ dress bracelet (rather than watch). Dunno. God knows, I’m no arbiter of taste (you should see my winklepicker collection).

According to *Antiques Roadshow" sone weeks ago it is the timepiece that is responsible for value not diamonds added, IIRC as an superficial, if expensive, adornment…

Personally I have never seen a Rolex that didn’t look ostentatious worn by a man in normal life*. Diamonds would just add to that. Of course, at a Grand Ball attended by the world’s richest, such a thing is probably taken a an indication that the wearer is of low status, either not able to afford a better timepiece or lacking the class to wear something more discreetly sophisticated.

*Possibly different if a diving watch worn by a diver when diving (but none I’ve dived with wore Rolexes), and I don’t rule out the possibility that there might be less flashy Rolexes with a size in balance with the wearer’s wrist, possibly just falling short of ostentations.


We would all do well to remember that the majority of people posting here are westerners, and our preferences are different to those of other origins. The US and Europe aren’t the only markets for Rolex who were originally a British company.

Rolex threads on many forums descend into nasty criticism that can get quite personal, and as ever, some members take the insults badly and don’t respond.

I’ve had my stainless Daytona nearly ten years, and I don’t think anyone has ever said anything nasty to my face about it, with most people not even noticing the watch. Ok, it doesn’t have any diamonds on it!

You clearly have the wrong Daytona…

Here is Cristiano Ronaldo, wearing the GMT Master Ice, a steal at $485,000. I’m not sure I’d wear one to the pub.

I really couldn’t care less!

Totally Without Any Taste


It’s not to your taste, as it’s not to mine, but does that warrant cheap insults? That’s the trouble with these ‘taste’ threads.


One of numerous circular arguments, luxury goods in general and the ultra rich that act as brand ambassadors, in some cases encouraging individuals to put themselves in to high interest debt to own such things.
I guess we’d all like to imagine once these individuals reach the top of their respective fields they embark on an extended phase of philanthropy, cleaning up water for children in war zones, building schools or using their influential status for the better good of society, but inevitably, they just surround themselves with stuff, usually in a category that is the reserve of the ultra wealthy.
There’s a whole media industry built around people just talking about this stuff as well, especially watches for some reason, all the media platforms are full of such content.

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You’ve rethought your comments on Solstice then :wink:


It’s a Prestige item for sure.