Diamond studded bezels on Rolex watches

Lol! Good one.

I really don’t think anyone could say this is ostentatious:

It’s as understated as a decent watch could possibly be.


You’ve no way of knowing if people who buy mega expensive watches do or do not donate to charity.

Although this is not true with regards to Ronaldo. A quick Google will show he gives millions to charity.

With regards to getting into debt. I’m sure a lot of people get into debt buying Naim equipment. :smiley:

It’s a generalisation, so without getting drawn in to specifics, these sorts of topics are always going to be polarising and circular.

Just don’t assume you can actually buy a new one.

It’s not a generalisation, it’s an assumption.

I don’t think that can be said about any watch on a bracelet. A strap is IMO much more subdued than a bracelet, which immediately makes it more noticeable and “sporty” looking.

I think “as subdued as possible” or “as understated as … could be” would surely be a dresswatch?

BTW, that’s not criticism of watches on bracelets, I’m wearing one (not a Rolex) myself right now. I’m only saying they’re less subdued than other types in my opinion.

Jeez time to delete this thread as well methinks🤔

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I can say that if you want; It is ostentatious :wink:

One could probably buy one on board this .


Another view of Hell, for me…give me a skiff.


You’re not allowed to transport sheep in conditions like that.

But it’s full of sheep!


I am going to buck this new age sensitivity hungry halibut is now displaying and state my heartfelt opinion: that ship is an abomination.

Neatly described as a ‘human lasagne’ although regrettably I know not by whom.

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I’m getting a bit worried.

I can’t find mine.

They must have used every colour going and then some.


If going on the “Icon of the Seas” was the only holiday option in the world I am certain I would rather stay at home!!

Thinking about watches generally, either with or without diamonds, I just wonder how many younger people actually wear watches these days. I am of a certain age (an old f*rt) and the first think I put on in the morning is my trusty Omega Seamaster. All the folks I know who are younger now seem to be without watches and use their phones to find the time. Time for a diamond encrusted iPhone perhaps??

So called fitness watches are the in thing, but I often see people cursing the battery life.
And, within a few generations of purchases, they’ve spent enough to have bought a ‘nice’ watch.

I could live with this

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