Difference in 5 pin DIN cables?

Hello all,

I have a problem. My daughter’s cat has chewed to shreds my last Naim 5 pin DIN cable connecting my NDX 2 to my SN 3. This is the third such cable that has fallen prey to his teeth. The Naim branded 5 pin cables aren’t cheap where I live. I can’t keep replacing them. Is there a sound quality difference if I buy a more affordable cable on the online jungle? If it won’t affect sound quality, can anyone recommend a more affordable one? I know that the key is to buy and try for myself, but am wondering if anybody has any experience with non Naim 5 pin DIN cables to share.

Discussing cables that carry power such as SNAICs is against the forum rules.

I can’t help with the cat but feline cable chewing is a new one on me.

Is this a SNAIC or a “lavender”? If the latter then discussion is allowed.

I may be totally wrong here but is the OP asking about the signal interconnect between the two boxes or something else? Sounds like signal to me and not a SNAIC/Burndy. If signal then discussion is ok, will await confirmation from OP.

I apologize to all if I’ve broken any forum rules. I was unaware of that rule.

No worries, but we (Orac & me) believe that you’re OK with this one as it’s a “signal only” interconnect.

Yes, I am talking about the lavender signal interconnect.

If such discussion is allowed, would it make any difference if I buy a non-Naim branded one online?

Ooh, now you are into dangerous “do cables impact on sound” territory. :laughing:

but seriously, have you looked on the infamous auction site or other nefarious “audio” sites “classified ads” for s/h lavenders?

Assuming we are talking lavender type cable.

You can buy non-Naim if you want. There are many threads on this forum regarding which is best. Be aware that many are expensive (more so than Naim original). With regard to SQ they each bring their own unique sound. Usual advice is to see if you can borrow a demo lead from your dealer to see if you like it. The original Naim cable is well regarded and many folk are extremely happy with how it sounds. Buying used is another alternative.

Afraid no advice to assist with cat.

Thanks, suzywong. I have looked on the online markets and have seen some s/h Naim ones. But my thinking was to buy several new very affordable ones on the jungle marketplace simply to have extras on hand…as long as they won’t affect the sound.

Kitties do as kitties will!

My system happens to use ic from Witch Hat. All bought from the infamous auction site, or from the founder himself via a nefarious audio site. I paid around £60 for each s/h. They certainly sound no worse than Naim stock.

Unfortunately, Flashback no longer exist since David’s passing, but I’ve read good things about Gotham Cables.

You can buy sprays that are very bitter for controlling pet urges to chew on stuff. You could spray the cable and hopefully the cat will learn quickly to stay away.

My dog kept using his nose to lift the trash can in the kitchen, so I started spraying it. He stays away now. In fact, just today I dropped a treat on the floor for him, an he usually pounces on it like stink on poop. But it rolled near the trashcan, and he wouldn’t go near that to retrieve the treat.


Thanks, Orac. Your reply answers my suspicion that a non-Naim cable will in fact affect the sound. I have been happy (or complacent?) with the way the Naim ones sounds which I’ve been using for a very long time. I will have a look at other threads on this forum discussing this.

I currently have a Chord Epic between my NDX2 and SN3. I note it has metal braiding/shielding as outer layer. Might stop the cat chewing. Sound quality is good and you do see them second hand.

@JosquinDesPrez Have tried several sour sprays. They are no deterrent, at least to this cat.

We have also tried spraying him with a water bottle when he climbs onto the audio rack; but he now does it when we are not home.

Only other option is to cover the rack with blankets every morning (when we leave) and night (before bed) which seems a bit of a faff.

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Our dearly beloved and sadly missed Zebedee (Red Burmese boy, who made frequent appearances in the Pets pics thread up until a year ago) was an enthusiastic sprayer, and my wife made a whole set of cough waterproof cough covers for the various hifis/computers/etc in the house.

@suzywong Sorry to hear about Zebedee.

Whatever replacement you buy, it seems likely that the cat will continue to chew it now the habit is there. I would look at a deterrent such as the various protective covers that can be applied. These are intended primarily to deter rats snd mice, but should work with cats too.
You can buy protective metal braid which slides over the cable. You can also get adhesive tape which is impregnated with chilli oil.

Just thinking. Is it only this one interconnect? If yes then there may be something in the make up of the Naim cable that appeals to your cat. It may be that any other cable will not suffer the same fate. In that case you just need one that sounds good to you.

Thanks for the thoughts. He’d fought off two very serious illnesses and got to be seventeen and a half, before respiratory problems got him.

Nevertheless, a good innings by any stretch.