DIN-5 to RCA/XLR cable for headphone amp

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I am trying to order a cable from a well known custom cable manufacturer, and I am having issues explaining properly what is “IN” and what is “OUT”. I have sent them pictures and text from explanations I have found here on the forum. Still, I am a bit confused, and they are asking me to verify what is “IN” and what is “OUT”. So am I correct to say that the DIN-5 part which connects to my 552 will be “OUT” and the RCA/XLR (female) part that connects to my Violectric HPA is “IN”?

I am buying two cables, one RCA and one XLR just for the fun of it. 1,25 meters in length, just like my Naim cables.

Yes, you’ll be taking signal out of the 552 via the Rec Out pins on one of the tape in/out DINs, and then in to your HP amp. See the FAQ on here for more info:

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This is important to get it right in this case. Follow what Richard says…

Thanks! I have forwarded quite a lot of the information I found on this forum so I believe there is a very good chance it is done right. Even easier would be if Naim would sell such a cable through the regular dealers:-) Like one to order from a website without having to explain to a custom cable maker how it is supposed to be wired. There could even be a SuperLumina version of it. I am sure it would sell like, well, at least it would sell.

Naim offer(ed?) a tape i/c version of the grey interconnect which can be used for HP amp connection use.

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I know of that one. But it would be nicer to have a cable without the two unused RCA connections hanging loose behind the Fraim. There is already enough cable madness as it is. Right now I have such a cable (not from Naim). I also once bought a used Chord cable like this, but it was faulty.

The back of my stereo is visible from the stairway. Also it gives easy access to cable management.
This is a semi-temporary solution. At one point, somewhere in time, I will renovate the stairway to make it match the rest of the house. It was the only thing that we did not manage to do this year.

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The cables have arrived. I have only tested the DIN-XLR but it works!

It might of course all be in my head, but I am noticing a nice improvement compared to the previous cable which is a DIN-4xRCA cable. And it just looks better not to have two RCA cables hanging uselessly about behind the Fraim.

I have just bought, through Cymbiosis, a (bright red) Chord ‘Shawline’ cable for a slightly non-standard set-up with an Ortofon step-up transformer into a NAIT50. (The red Chord cable matches the red Linn Troika/Goldring rebuilt cartridge almost exactly!)

Part of an utterly fantastic ‘little’ system which has kept me away from my ‘big’ system upstairs for quite a few days now!

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