DIN-RCA Hi-line issues

I just picked up a DIN-phono hiline cable.
The tight collars on the phono plugs won’t allow the plugs to push on sufficiently even when backed off fully. I can only get them onto my phono stage when removed completely. I would need to wrap the ends in insulating tape….
Sound is good - very clear and detailed compared to my chord shawline phono leads.
Any ideas?
It’s connecting a Vertere Phono-1 with the NSC222 DIN (analogue 2)

Well that doesn’t work as contact isn’t good enough, they need the locking sleeves. The plugs need to fully home to make connection and with the WBT RCA plugs I simply can’t get one fully on in spite of taking the phono stage out and pushing firmly down on the plug for a prolonged period with unit on a firm surface.
Any value in getting Naim to change them for something less awkward?
Shame as SQ is excellent (except a slight hum at volume 80).

Are they locking plugs? If so, are you correctly unlocking them before trying to fit them?

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Tx. Yes they are, and yes I am. I looked up how to deal with them. They don’t screw back quite as fully as I would have expected but definitely as far as the thread goes.

edited the title.
I think I also have the wrong cable that might be part of the problem.
I have a 4PIN DIN to 2 RCA.
I want to connect the RCAs on my phono stage to the NSC222 DIN input do I need a 2 RCA to 5 pin DIN??? :frowning:

Yes, you need a 5 pin DIN plug. It’s slightly confusing as the socket is 8 pin, but it will accept a 5 pin plug.

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:roll_eyes: oh dear.

I only have one HiLine, a phono to 5 pin DIN. The WBT RCA plugs are a bit of a tight fit on the RCA sockets of my phono stage too, they were backed off before fitting and tightened afterwards.

Hopefully you can pick up the right version and the RCAs on that one might be a bit easier to connect to your phono stage.

Yep. I didn’t know they came in other versions.
I wonder if the DIN plug can be swapped?

You might have a non Naim pre to Naim power lead (an official lead, for connecting non Naim preamps) not sure if Naim would swap the DIN socket for you. If it was me I think I’d just resell the one you have add look out for a RCA to 5 pin DIN. They don’t come up all that often I found, had to wait a while for a used one to surface.

Even if you swapped the din plug, you’d still have the same problem with the RCAs. Maybe it’s a sign to cut your losses and start again. The Naim RCA to din standard interconnect works very well, and only costs £115. Alternatively, Vertere must make a good RCA to RCA lead.

Have started an eBay return so should be OK.


Vertere do. I have a Vertere Redline RCA-RCA on the deck and a Chord Shawline RCA-RCA to the 222, but I think a hi-line would be better (I had one before on DAC-NAC252). The Vertere DIN-RCA and RCA-RCA cost about the same as a Hi-line.

As you say the lead is incompatible with your system, how did you know this…?

Good spot - strangely it was playing through the left speaker and only faintly through the right. I was making dinner and didn’t notice till I sat down afterwards - when an evening of investigation via the RCAs to the DIN plug made me realise my dumb error. Presumably the L channel on the 4 pin lead lines up with the 5 PIN… Anyway it did sound like a hi-line on that side LOL

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As others have pointed out, you will need an RCA - DIN5 version.

FYI, the Locking WBT Next Gen RCA Phono plugs and sockets can sometimes be a bit tricky with non WBT Next Gen items. I guess the is down to their peculiar construction of mostly plastic containing the contact tracks. It means that the plugs feel very odd connecting to regular all-metal RCA Phono sockets, with high physical resistance. Loosening off the locking collar completely is a must, but then so is tightening it up as much as possible, otherwise you can get a poor contact and poor sound. The same goes for regular RCA phonos on the WBT Next Gen sockets…

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Just in case, Naim do RCA to DIN and DIN to RCA HiLine versions. There’s a light coloured band on the source end to allow differentiation. They might be incorrectly or ambiguously listed on eBay, so the photos are important to check. Here’s the source end of mine


It is all VERY confusing This is mine
4 pin with a black band on the RCA and 4 pin DIN
assume this is therefore a preamp DIN OUT to RCA (say a non-naim power amp or headphone amp)?

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Thanks Richard,
Do you think it’s possible for Naim to change the DIN to a 5 pin and swap the WBT RCA for something a bit more user-friendly?

There is no doubt that that is a 4 pin DIN connector.

If that was not clear, when purchasing, then Not As Described might apply.