Din to rca cable for recording

Hello guys.
I need a cable to connect the AV Out,Din socket from my SN3 to my CD-R Input device for recording purpose.
Din to 2×RCA.
I am waiting from July to get one from my dealer & for some mysterious reason cable hasn’t arrive yet & is uncertain if it arrives at all.
So I decided to get one from an online shop.
Just a quick question:
Shall I buy 4 pin DIN to 2×RCA or 5 pin DIN to 2×RCA???
I repeat I want to record from my SN3 to my CD-R device.
Please forget my ignorance.
Thank you in advance.

You need a five pin din, to connect to the Stream or AV socket. It’s absolutely essential that the din end is wired to the OUTPUT pins or it won’t work.

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Thank you mate.
Any brand recommendations,eg I find Gothic Audio & Chord cables…
It very hard to find Naim cables online.
If you know an online shop selling Naim cables please do tell me.
Thank you.

Alternatively get a tape interconnect (see the forum FAQ) DIN5. - 4 x RCA phono and just use the REC OUT Phonos. Commonly you will find Naim’s own or Chords Chrysalis.

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I have one from A/V out of my NAC 552 to RCA into my Violectric headphone amp. It came from the well known Teddy P. in Israel. It sounds as good as a Chord Sarum T from my ND555 to the HP amp. The Sarum T cost me nearly 14 times what I paid for the one from Teddy.
You can order one on-line from their website. Choose DIN to RCA not the other way around. Shipping is always quick and painless to the US. My total cost was 220 USD paid with PayPal.

Any website recommended from which I can order one in Europe???

Teddy P. in Israel.

Google for this
" Custom Lynx – Neutrik – 5 Pin Din Plug to 4 x RCA Phono Plugs"

Sorry no website found

Thank you!

Fyi You are not allowed to link to commercial sites, it is against the aup.

Sorry Robert

I was afraid of that. I didn’t know if I could give out the full name of Teddy P. so I danced around it. Then out of frustration I posted the link. Naim doesn’t sell a DIN to RCA cable and it’s frustrating trying to find one.

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DIN-RCA and RCA-DIN are on their price list in all variants (lavender, HiLine, SL).

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Flashback sales are good.

Yes they do. I’m a big fan of the lavender/grey DIN-4x RCA phono tape interconnect.

Flashback is closed following the death of the owner.

Oh dear that’s a shame. It must be pretty recent as I had a cable to connect a headphone amp from them during the first lockdown.

Hmmm, slipped past me as I never look at The Padded Cell.