Din to rca cable for recording

There are three types of 5-Pin DIN outs, 180 degrees, 240 degrees and 270 degrees. Naim have a 180 degree DIN to RCA. We need a 240 degree DIN to RCA . I have both. The 240 degree works with TAPE our, A/V out and Aux 2 out (I think).

I was going to have my Naim/Chord dealer have Chord make me up a cable but then I found the T.P. one. I didn’t want to spend too much on this application because there isn’t much call for it and it would be difficult to sell.

I was fortunate to find it. It will replace a Chord Sarum T I was using from the ND555. This eliminates the need to switch the output from the ND555 when I wanted to switch from speakers to headphones. I could have both DIN and RCA active at the same time but I found that it’s true that having both active at the same time has a negative effect on SQ. I discovered that fact accidentally when I did something that increased the SQ noticably. It took me a while to realize what it was that was the cause.

No, the DIN for sources and Tape would be 180 degrees.

Everything you need to know here is in the forum FAQ.

A great thank you to everybody for your responses & your time.

Please help me locate it. Old or New?

Thanks Richard. I thought I’d read somewhere that it was 240.
What might have confused me is Bang make one that is supposed to work and that may be 240.
It appears I can use Outputs 4,5 and 6 labeled in the manual as Tape, A/V and Aux 1.

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