Din to XLR 552/500 Super Lumina

Hi I am considering upgrading my std cables … I was wondering if converts could try and give me their thoughts on the change from std to SL. Does the change alter the system ‘balance’ or is it a case more of everything…or have users been underwhelmed…

I tried on nd555/252/300 dr. The 5 pin din to din replacing the Hiline sounded closed in and compressed, tried another was the same. The din to xlr was better, but not worth the money imo, so i gave up for the time being. Some say i should have tried the speaker cable as well for a full loom which brings it all together.They may be right, but if a cable or component sounds worse than my current set up and costs thousands…its a non starter.
So you need to try yourself, borrow some from a friendly dealer.

I recently put a SL IC between my HDX and 282. I am not very good at putting into words the change in sound but I liked it more. It seemed to make things clearer (not that is was hugely muffled before) if that makes sense ? As @Gazza says above most seem to think full SL works best so I am going to get some speaker cables and see what that brings to the party. I am in Essex and if you are close by you are more than welcome to borrow the IC and see what you think.

Hi Richieroo,

I borrowed some well run in SL/Din/XLR’s from my dealer and thought they made a bigger change than the Din/Din interconnect on my 552/500. I would say that they bring exactly the same benefits as the SL interconnect, more tonal/timbrel accuracy, better timing, greater frequency extreme’s etc etc. On the flip-side a mate bought a brand new pair and I tried them very quickly on my system but found them very dry and dark. He said they they took forever to burn in!

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I have just borrowed a set from Audio T will be trying them this weekend … I will feed back…

The interconnect between source and Pre (552/ NDS) was a revelation and so addictive I added the speaker cable shortly after. Later came the pre to power. All improved the overall system and made the music flow effortlessly.

Granted mine were all bought used ergo run in but defo worth the money to my ears.

I have just fitted them … phew… well an immediate change more refined… very nice sparkle to top end… a general improvement in all areas… quite relaxed and musical. Not a massive improvement not really worth 3.2k!!! I will keep trying it until mid week…

Richeroo, I assume you are demoing the SuperLumina DIN/XLRs at the moment.

What interconnect and speaker cables are you currently using?

When I upgraded to SL full loom, the order of acquisition was SL interconnect first, SL speaker cables next and LAST, the SL DIN/XLR. Each provided a worthwhile improvement, but I suspect the final addition of the SL DIN/XLR improved things mainly as the result of the synergy of a full SL loom. So the SL DIN/XLR in isolation may not give of its best unless as part of a full SL loom.

I did speaker cables then source and finally the demo of din to xlr to nap500. It has made an improvement but system is cold all needs to warm up…it will take a few days to really shine.
I am hopeful that it will just sonically snap together now the full loom is in…time will tell. Its already sounding very good!!!

If they are new they will take ages to come on song. Mine made everything sound a bit airy to start with. As they ran in the solidity returned. They are expensive but with the other SL cables and DR power supplies they are supremely musical.

Hi these are shop demo ones well used … I never demo new cables it’s pointless. I was curious about the loom effect … at present they are an upgrade from the std ones … but the system needs to fully warm through…so I will be able to tell in a couple of days. My system has been off during the storms…

For me, the DIN/XLR (on a 250DR) was a more subtle improvement (compared to the obvious uplift from both the SL interconnect and SL speaker cables) and quite tricky to explain. Everything just sounded more ‘right’ and relaxed (but yet more detailed) with the full loom completed.

Would be interested to hear your thoughts in due course Richeroo……

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Hi all well the cables have a really sublime effect which has improved realism and musical flow… all the hifi things have benefited but the timbre and essence is quite wonderful… enjoying it at the moment… will feed back again later

The DIN to XLR SL upgrade was the least troublesome component to run in of my full SL loom. A bit more clarity, tonal accuracy and separation of voices and instruments. Nothing jaw dropping but well worth having. In the context of our system they represented relatively good value for money. Our full loom went in sequentially but fairly rapidly. It was easy for me to hear the changes each lead or pair of leads brought, but I doubt that what I was listening to had fully bedded in before the next part of the loom went in.

Hi Harry I think you caught my feelings regarding upgrade…it is noticable…and very nice…

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I have a full SL loom now, with the DIN-XLR for NAP300 being added last. Not a massive improvement, but I did buy gently used and at 50% of retail I’m happy with the purchase. Some of my SL, but for the speaker cables, was purchased gently used. Highly recommended; they don’t wear out after a year’s use.

I think that is worthwhile!!!.. it is a very nice improvement timbre and vocalisation is very much improved + space and air…you must be very happy…!!!

Super luminas have now been handed back…:frowning: they were very nice very refined lovely texture and timbre - and good bass control. But… I did not think the price was fully justified - the std naim cables that came with the amp - seem quite boisterous - fun and a little more upbeat but not as refined.

Now way back I seem to remember a mogami thread - with a number of members getting very pleasing results … I can’t find this can - those using this let me know how they are getting on… I would be very grateful…

I’m still using the Mogami W2497 (dual cylindrical structure) cables and still very pleased with them - a considerable upgrade on the stock cables all for under £100.

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I think I may get some good plugs and try the Mogami … how would you characteristic the upgrade from standard??? (is yours a Nap500 or 300?)