Dire Straits live 1978-1992

I downloaded this today, 64 live tracks of which 29 are not previously released. They are all 24 bit remastered. I’m giving it a first listen now and I am loving it. My only gripe is that there is no published material to explain the background to each recording. I see that there is a box set on CD and I may buy that to get the full documented experience, but I highly recommend the 24bit version. Great value listening!


Is this the one?

Fairly decent write up in Qobuz😉

There’s a decent explanation on Amazon too – and it seems the CD-set comes with the obligatory booklet. One for the completist?


Thanks @Neilb1906 thats interesting insight from Guy Fletcher, one of MK’s closest allies. Has anyone got this set on Vinyl and can comment on pressing quality?

I would say yes, it is.

Not restricted to the completist, in my opinion. Live concerts are a genre to themselves and these recordings are really a high quality addition to what was previously available and thus add a new dimension to the experience of listening to DS.

I’ll let you know – the CD version arrived here today - tonight we shall hear :grin:

Added to my Qobuz playlist, thanks.


There are lots of complaints about it on Discogs. Non-fill, inconsistency of sound etc. !

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My CD version is supposed to arrive in the next hour.

I had no idea that this existed until an HD Tracks email on Friday inviting me to purchase it for $105 in 24bit, with no information/details at all.

Had a look on Amazon & found the CD version for £45 with packaging & details booklet, which I consider very important for an 8 CD package.

SQ of 16bit CD sounds the same to me on my system as most, if not all, 24bit downloads, so I doubt I am sacrificing SQ for a large monetary saving compared to the HD download.


Have loaded onto the Core. Rovi is a catastrophe and I have had to amend the auto data for nearly all the CDs. Have listened to most of it and enjoyed

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Some mad pricing around for this …
Best ‘mainstream’ vendor I’ve found is HighResAudio with 24/44 at £39.20.
Thinking about it, its not so bad for 6hrs 52mins play time

The physical CD pack is quite good IMHO – although the album cards are a bit of a ‘spare part’. And ~£45 is just about my limit, given I have the primary albums on vinyl and CD, and previous remasters only appear to have lifted the gain from the tape, introducing much low-level noise in the process.

It’ll be interesting to hear the ‘new stuff’, especially with Phil Lynott.

Thanks @Stan . That’s saved me a chunk of change and some grief!
I’ll have a think about the CD set instead.

I am enjoying it on vinyl. I have not noticed any problems with sound quality.

Me too – just playing the Rainbow CD1, and it’s all good.

so good !!!

This is a great collection, Lady Writer live is a highlight for me. SQ is great, I have the 24bit version.

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24Bit 44.1KHz too