Dire Straits live 1978-1992

All ripped to my Core, eventually thanks to the mess Rovi made of the metadata.

Discs 2, 4 & 7 were identified as Disc 1.

Disc 5 was totally unknown & Disc 6 was numbered as Disc 3.

Fortunately all easily sorted with a bit of typing but it really shouldn’t have been necessary.

Doesn’t say a lot for the quality of Rovi’s work.

Anyway, from what I’ve heard so far, my £45 CDs sound the same as the 24 bit stream from Qobuz on my system so I am glad I didn’t fork out $105 for the HDtracks.

Before anyone attacks me for the last comment, I accept that the Nova’s streaming abilities may not be it’s strongest suit & that my Core’s WAV files maybe of the same or better quality here.

I didn’t take any notes, but that sounds like what I had

I just felt it was very poor & sloppy from Rovi for what I assume is a fairly simple task.

An employee who couldn’t care a less?

Enjoying this on Qobuz streaming, will probably buy it less than £17 for sublime members……we pay for this discount, so best use it.
Think they could have come up with a better cover though.
Been playing all night, some great recordings….£16.39 on Qobuz sublime for Hires.

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It’ll be CD for me - I’m quite keen on getting the extra tracks from Alchemy and On The Night. The early sessions, perhaps controversially, I’m less bothered about.


The HDTRACKS 24 bit is available with a 25% discount code, so $78, or so.
In my system the 24bit is definitely worth having, but I may yet spring for the CD package, to get the documentation.

We started it last night. I am a sucker for anything live, and for anything Dire Straits. We have the Alchemy album on vinyl. Vinyl is still hard to beat for a Dire Straits live set.

And I am still a little pissed that they edited “That little faggot has his own jet air plane. That little faggot is a millionaire.” out of the recent “Money for Nothing” reissue. Just saying. Hard to rewrite history, and why bother? If I can own mine, surely you can own yours, Mr. Knopfler.

Having now listened to the whole set, I am pleasantly surprised at how good the '79 Rainbow concert is, both for quality of the recording & the content.

It just shows how quickly DS became a fully formed rock band from the time of their first exposure to the wider public.

Despite Mark Knopfler being aknowlaged as a great musician, this compilation, the DS studio output & his solo work do, in my opinion, suggest that as a songwriter/guitarist he is actually underappreciated whenever great modern musicians are discussed & deserves even more plaudits than he usually gets.

PS - Said by someone for whom Eric Clapton is my all time music hero.


MK, EC. Two guys who knew their way around a guitar!

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Who ‘know’ their way around a guitar.

You really made my heart miss a beat there…

Hmmm. Maybe it would have been clearer if I’d said “ they fcukin’ sure can play a guitar!”

Not too subtle for me first time round, but for others, that should do it.:grin:

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Maybe I should have included the word “awesome”……since that appears to be the most used word on cough social media.

But on a more serious note. Following @Mike-B’s post I tried to get onto HighResAudio.com, only to get a 503 error (service unavailable). Anybody tried this today?

It was a damn good price!

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This does sound a good price to me but HDtracks $105 (before any discounts) seems very excessive.

I buy very few downloads &, for convenience, have always used HDtracks when I do so. Their pricing of this set will make me think twice, & check other sites, before purchasing from them again.

Hi Canaryfan, yes I saw the HDTracks price, they can sometimes be lower than the European prices. I also checked out ProStudioMasters, this was around $75, better, but still almost twice the HRA price

I think I can understand what you are trying to say…

On a serious note I suspect I was like many when Mark Knopfler released his first solo album & then several subsequent similar albums. Underwhelmed sums it up. I was obviously hoping for Dire Straits under a different name.

As the years have passed I have come to appreciate his solo output more & more & now thoroughly enjoy them all. Not as much fiery guitar playing as the DS days but magnificent story telling in much of his writing & some extremely memorable melody’s in beautifully understated guitar (& other instrumental) work.

Tracker is my favourite album of his, second favourite is usually whatever I am listening to at the time.

I saw him live at the old NEC in Birmingham about 2006/7 & couldn’t believe the sound he was getting from his guitar, seemingly hardly moving his hands. Clapton makes it look easy & Knopfler looks as if he is about to fall asleep at any moment whilst sounding like two or three guitarists at the same time!

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Yep, same for me. 503 = server down.
Maybe you need to try again tomorrow

Ok , so it’s not just me. :smile:

Otherwise it’s the CDs from The Great Satan……

Even without the discount, it’s less than $2 per track. Great value considering the SQ.
Prostudiomasters is offering it at circa $78, near $1 a track. I’m nearly 75% through it now and it really is a treat!

I’ve never bought from HRA. What is their download process like?