Dire Straits live 1978-1992

Or take out a Qobuz sublime subscription and pick the Hi Res up for £16 quid that is sixteen British pounds - yes pound sign one and then six.

Oh and another 39 pence. £16.39

I can’t disagree with you but the CDs, at £45, are outstanding value, sound great & have a booklet, with commentary from John Ilsley explaining what each disc is & gives an insight into MK personality.

In my opinion, essential in a collection of 8 CDs & (I believe), 12 LPs.

Qobuz never again, for me. Search this forum for my past experiences.

Nose/face/cutting off… $78 or £16.39

Very good, simply does the job with minimal button pressing.
Plus unlike others, metadata and overall folder presentation is faultless.

And how much is the minimum sub to Qobuz Sublime that would enable me to get the set for seventeen quid? Bearing in mind that currently, I do not feel the need for a streaming service.

Agree - and a very welcome surprise TBH. I’m generally sceptical about these re-release (x many!) packages, but this one is very good. Thanks to @RipVanRadio for flagging it.

I think I’m going to repackage in CD cases, as I hate cardboard covers.

Something which has always confused me a tad is that my legacy 2CD package of Alchemy came in a 4CD case, to the point it’s had me hunting for ‘lost CDs’ at times (age!).

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It’s not that simple, as I’m sure you know.

Mike, I’m still getting a 503. Am I looking in the right place?

Or have they gone “belly up”….

Hi Suzyw …. yes same here.
I’ve not seen anything on www, I’m pushed for time at mom, I will go look more tomos, if I find anything I will post.

From their Facebook page

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Thanks Andy, I just found the same.

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Still down - very strange maybe they have thrown in the towel.

Hi Andy, I just found this info posted by HRA on Facebook dated 2-Feb-24

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Thanks - they are a port of call for me but in this business you don’t want to be out of action too long.

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Hi Andy, FYI, Highresaudio are back on line

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Great news thanks.

Thanks to @Mike-B for keeping tabs on HighResAudio’s “difficulties” for us!

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Remember going to see Dire Straits in the 1980s, but can’t exactly remember where or when.

So a faint possibility that I may have heard some of these live. I will have to have to listen out for myself.

Downloaded at 24bit Hi-Res on Qobuz, so it will be interesting to hear what it sounds like.


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I saw Dire Straits live at Shepton Mallet show ground in 1986. I seem to remember it being quite enjoyable. I won a pair of tickets for answering this question: what type of laser is used in the Phillips CD104B? I guess there weren’t many people who could be bothered to answer!