Dire Straits live 1978-1992

Well, it’s been downloaded and listened to.

I’ve been a fan of Dire Straits since their outset, got all their albums and seen them live back in the 1980s.

But, and a big BUT, I didn’t like this album. I found it to be a bit flat and dull to be honest.

It may be may getting older, but I just didn’t enjoy it.

What were others thoughts after listening to it?


A bit surprised at your comment re. SQ.

The 8 CDs were recorded years apart & differ in SQ from disc to disc but, whilst not being the best live recordings I have heard, are more than acceptable to me & I don’t feel that the oldest recording, Live at the BBC, sounds 45 years old.

Flat is the last word I would use to describe the sound. It sounds full & well balanced with good clarity to my ears on virtually all tracks.

I haven’t played any since my original purchase last month so will do so in the next few days, keeping your comment in mind.

It may be just me. Just didn’t get motivated by it.

Likewise, I’ll listen again to it in the next week or so.


I’ve enjoyed DS ever since I first saw them at the Hope and Anchor in 1978. I think MK is arguably the most melodic and fluent of guitarists. I’ve listened to all the new live set on Tidal, so enjoyable and memories of the occasions I’ve seen them. The vinyl box is no doubt desirable but I think it would largely be left unplayed. Also disappointing that the 91/92 recordings don’t include Planet of New Orleans.



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I keep on coming back to it. In my system it just draws me in. Up with things like this!

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