Directional connections?

I am very curious about the question of directional cables, for instance in my system the NAP is connected to the PS via the Burndy cable, I noticed it was connected by mistake in the wrong direction, I ended up reversing the cable to ensure it adheres to the connections guide, however I heard zero impact on sound quality, musicality, rhythm, etc…

Does it really matter in which direction the interconnects and the power leads are connected?

It may do, depending on a number of factors, including how the cable is constructed and shielded.

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Cable manufacturing is one of those grey areas. Most believe the process, but few have actually seen a cable drawn and then extruded. Little or nothing on the web to show how it’s done. Direction of cable should be logically entwined with how it has been processed, but since this process is shrouded in mystery - so too the belief…

In extreme cases of DIN to RCA and vice-versa it really does matter. As inputs and outpus pins on a DIN plug are different.

Maybe another thing to add to the FAQ? Simple list stating the cable and band type/tiny coloured section and list the item it should be closest to?

See here:

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