Disappearing albums

Yet another album from my Qobuz list “Not Available” suddenly.

This is happening at an increasingly alarming rate. I then have to wait (usually for what feels like a week or more) for it to equally mysteriously become available again.

I suppose this is to do with copyright issues or the like, but I’m getting irritated enough to consider switching to Tidal.

Any Tidal users experiencing this unwelcome phenomena?

Can’t beat a hard copy it’s always there and you know what you’re getting.
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More detail required. Could be one of several things. There is an ongoing issue with Qobuz and the codes they use pre and post reiease to identify releases as well as the usual stuff about licenses ending; being disputed etc.

Theoretically you can add an album on Qobuz pre-release. Tracks are greyed out but go white on release day. That’s the theory but in pracruce it requires a reboot sometimes to make it work.

It happens a lot but usually album is still available so you just need to put it back as a favourite

I am afraid Tidal is not any better in this respect (or at least this is my experience).

The thing I have found most bizarre of late is a single track.

Album listing:
Rush - Fly By Night
Song: By-Tor & the Snow Dog unavailable, listed as sample only.

Album Listing:
Rush - Sector 1 (Compilation)
Song: By-Tor & the Snow Dog available, full album version.

Makes absolutely no sense at all🤷🏻‍♂️

This is the single most annoying thing about ALL streaming services… drives me potty having to re-add albums all the time.

Especially if you have an LP as the hard copy and an LP12 to play it on :wink: :smiley:

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Interesting. Literally never had this specific issue with Qobuz or Tidal in 3 years of using both.

Ditto a locally stored file.


Never had this issue with Tidal, and I have some pretty obscure albums on my list.

Does happen with Tidal, in my experience the album is always there still just no longer the one in your list or downloaded on your phone. So a re-add is required. Happened just last week to me with a Billy Talent album so includes mainstream stuff.

Yes, although I notice it more with individual tracks, for example J Jazz Deep Modern Jazz from Japan vol 2 is now missing 5 out of 11 tracks.

Get this issue with Qobuz quite a lot. Or, the version that did work properly is replaced with one where the tracks are 30s long each.
Another thing is what qobuz call an album, is often a 12" single collection.
Using Depeche Mode as an example, try to find each original album easily. Almost impossible. And no i dont want " extra remix tracks". I want the original. Which is why i still resort to my vinyl !


Oh well. Up with this I will just have to put.
It’s still more than worth it for the instant access to a whole world of music that I would never have been aware of otherwise, and the fascination of making discoveries and connections with such ease.

And of course, the superior SQ. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is why I don’t stream anymore. The music is never yours and can be removed as it never existed. Then you question your own memories.

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I refer the honourable member to my previous reply.


And you never know what your paying for Hi Rez files or just bloated ones Rippoff :wink: :-1:t2:

Have never worried about this. Listened to a stream and I either liked or didn’t. Its resolution was neither here nor there.

I’m intrigued by all this though. I use Qobuz and Tidal via Innuos Sense and just never have this issue.