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Due to the awkward layout of my lounge, I think I’m going to have to build a DIY rack for the only corner in which everything can sit. It will have to be a corner unit with three shelf areas (left, centre, right) and in a 3/2/3 shelf configuration. I intend to build it out of solid bamboo, but I have no idea from where I can source appropriate legs/isolation spikes etc. Any/all advice gratefully received…

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A popular auction site beginning with E, or A sell the hardware

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I think Atacama sell the legs and spike kits as separate items.

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A? I need a few more clues!

It’s perfectly within forum rules to write names of sites. Like eBay. No idea what starts with A

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Amazon I would say


I used square oak bannister staves from B+Q for frame and then bamboo for the shelves on mine.
Not sure where you would get sheets of bamboo - but must be possible…

I do not think you should expect the Forum to design your rack for you…

You need a DESIGN first. Then… start with Google, or eBay or Amazon - and work from there.

You may find that something like the Quadraspire double width SV2T would fit, with the Rega on a Rega bracket above. If you want a bespoke around the corner unit, why not build it from wood that fits your decor, and then use some Quadraspire isolation platforms if you fancy them.

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Have you thought of HiFi racks ?

They have TV and audio racks

Screenshot 2022-06-15 at 14.45.41

And in my head I have one - but knowing what support options are available would be useful beforehand :thinking:

A very good thought. Thank you HH

I’ve thought of something like that, but because it needs to be low I need a rack that can hold three full size units side by side with room to ‘breath’, thus my idea of having one that turns the corner, as it were, otherwise the width of a straight-fronted unit would intrude into the room too much…

The attached photo (look closely) seems to suggest that Basscontinuo racks can be built such that separate ‘towers’ can be attached at the front legs only and thus be fitted around a corner. This is EXACTLY what I need, but preferably at a lower price point!

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Why not contact HiFi racks and ask them how easy it would be to create an L shaped rack ?

I like HiFi racks and it could be if I downsize , then they would be my first port of call

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Amazon and eBay. Not sure we are permitted to mention on this forum

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They feature many times, no worries

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The main restriction is that we are not allowed to link to actual items or pages on any commercial site, including those two.

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Hi Stilts,
Simon Price Furniture offers a range of hifi racks under the Simrak name.

We needed a compact, bespoke design and Simon was delighted to make ours:
Bespoke Simrak stand in American Black Walnut

The quality is frankly superb, as a number of other owners on this forum will attest.
If like us, you don’t have room for FRAIM, this is a very good and customisable alternative.

Best regards, BF


What are the reasons why bamboo wood is chosen and not other solid wood?