Do I need a NAPSC here?

Hi, do I need the NAPSC in this config, or can I just use the 282 powered by HiCap and then connect the 250DR ?

Yes you need the napsc it and the hicap power different bits.

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The 282 needs - and should come with - a NAPSC.

Summit wrong if it doesn’t’… :crazy_face:

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thanks !!

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When buying a 282 you should always check that it will be supplied with a NAPSC. It was included as standard, but it was also possible to order a 282 without NAPSC so its presence in a used 282 is not guaranteed.
There’s also the possibility that sellers decide to sell the NAPSC separately or keep it for other purposes.

(Also check for other accessories such as link plugs which second hand sellers sometimes fail to include.)


Thanks Chris. I’ve seen some people use 2 Hicaps for 282+250, does that mean you don’t need the NAPSC? What’s the benefit of 2 x hicaps?

You still need the NAPSC.

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You always needs the napsc, it doesn’t work without it.

The Hicap is not a substitute for a NAPSC, but you can add a second one as a possible upgrade, or you can use a Supercap. Opinions vary as to whether either of these upgrades are worthwhile, so you really need to listen and decide for yourself if you are considering one.

The reason you always need a NAPSC is that it powers the control circuits independently of the audio, so without it the preamp won’t work.

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The NAPSC is there to provide a dedicated power supply for the digital logic and switching controls. This ensures that the analogue audio circuitry kept as clean as possible.

The four ascending levels of power for the NAC282 go as follows;

  1. NAC282 + NAPSC + Power supply from suitable power amp, e.g. NAP200 etc…
  2. NAC282 + NAPSC + HICAP
  3. NAC282 + NAPSC + 2 x HICAP

thank you !

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