Do I need an external power supply for a 282?

I want to buy a NAC 282 (with NAPSC2) to go into my 300DR. Do I need to buy a separate power supply for it as well?

Yep, hicap at least.

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*Thread drift: Anyone know why the 4-Pin DIN-to-XLR cable that goes from, say, a NAP 250-DR to the HiCap (then, of course, the 5-Pin-to-5-Pin DIN from HiCap to 282) isn’t shielded? Wouldn’t that increase the chances or likelihood of picking up RF interference or introduce ground loops?

Thank you. Do you know what are the other PS options?

2x hicap or a supercap, and of course dr or non dr options.

Supercap DR would be ‘best’. Hicap DR would be Naim’s current standard.

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A Supercap is the ultimate PSU for the 282 but obviously at a cost. A Flatcap will also work and will work well enough but obviously not optimal.

If you are using a 300dr, then you will need a HC or two. Or a SCDR. Decide now how deep your pockets are now. This will help whether you go SCDR or just HC.

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I’m using a HCDR with my 282/300DR and it sounds excellent. I am yet to decide whether to go for a supercap upgrade which can result in a slippery slope to a 252, but if I had to stop where I am I’d still be happy as this set up is certainly no slouch - and it shouldn’t be with a new price of around £15k!! By the way I bought my 282 as an ex demo from a dealer at a nice discount. Its worth shopping around!

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Well, the ex demo I have found is a year old and £3.5k so that sounds quite decent.

I just dont understand what the NAPSC2 that comes with the 282 is for?? Also, do I use it alongside the HCDR?

Yes. The NAPSC powers the lights and control circuits. In other words, non signal path components.

An external power supply is required for the actual preamp side that carries audio signal. So you must have both a NAPSC and an external power supply. The sole exception is when using with a NAP200 because that power amp has a DC feed that runs back to the preamp.

The PDF manual for Naim preamps shows how this is connected together. You’ll notice that the NAP300 will not connect directly to the 282 at all but to the FlatCap, HiCap, or Supercap. Those power supplies not only power the preamp but are the bridge between preamp and power amp.


Thank you. Naim have a knack for getting customers confused :grin:


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The SNAIC cables (both 4 and 5 pin versions) are shielded. So if your Naim power amp has DIN input then the signal is shielded all the way from the preamp. However, the 250 (for example) has an XLR input and the signal lead supplied with it is a length of unshielded 3 core mains flex. I used a simple DIN to XLR adapter so I could use the shielded 4 pin SNAIC with the 250. I wouldn’t go back to the unshielded lead.


Another spanner in the works here but is it worth getting a 282+HCDR and trading in my Nova?

Hope it helps used a 282 with both HCDR and SC -

HCDR is a lovely PSU into the 282 and works well, however the SC showed the kind of detailed musical detail the 282 can offer - the best combo IMO

enjoy the music

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Well as a preamp, the 282/HCdr will work miles better than the Nova with a NAP300. The Nova is wasting the NAP300’s abilities to a large degree and the 282/HCdr is probably the minimum preamp you’d really want to pair with the NAP300.

But the 282 is just an analogue preamp. Has no digital inputs or streaming and no headphone amp. So functionally, it is not a 1:1 comparison with a Nova, A balanced system would be something like NDX2/XPSdr/282/HCdr but expense-wise that is a totally different kettle of fish. There is not really a cheap way of bringing your system up to the level of your power amp and speakers.

You could always do what I am really fond of: “downgrade to upgrade”. Lose the Focals and the NAP300. Get the 282, an NDX2 (as a source and preamp will blow the Nova out of the water), and then a NAP200dr (just discontinued so bargains can be found and it will power the 282) and a lesser pair of speakers that can be driven properly by the 200. Aside from the NAPSC, whcih can be tucked away under the rack, that is an elegant 3 box system that performs superbly.

I think you’d be amazed at the improvement to be gained from upgrading the right bits while downgrading the others.


I assume I could buy a streamer (Bluesound or something else) and attach it to the 282? If that is possible then that would get the streaming sorted. My other sources are a TT and CDplayer.

I’m not sure I would want to get rid of the 300DR because I think i would lose quite a bit of money there. It’s a couple of years old so not sure what it would be worth nowadays.

You really need a minimum of an NDX, ideally with an XPS DR to use with a 282/HiCap DR/300.

Anything less will be ruthlessly exposed by the amplifier.

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I run Bluesound Node players in to a Nait5i, an 82/250 and the scdr/252/300dr. The node will be a fine source. Better if you can later add a Qutest or other quality Dac, but sufficient on their own.

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I’m not sure i woud want to spend NDX money for a streamer though. Currently the Nova is attached to the 300DR and acts as both a pre and streamer. I’m quite happy with the sound quality that comes out of it.

The only reason that I have been contemplating the 282 is because I have been advised that I am missing out on the analogue sound of my TT (since Nova is digital only) and also that the 282 would allow the 300DR to shine and show its capabilities more?
If it wasnt for the analogue sid eof it I would have stuck with the Nova+300DR combination.