Do I need NACA5

Ok here’s another cable thread. I have an Atom and been very happy with it. I just upgraded my speakers and it sounds better but it’s got me thinking if it would be better if I got NACA5 cable. I’ve been using Chord cable that I have had for years and used with my Arcam amp previously. Cant remember the model but it’s always served me well. I know for power amps one should use Naim cable but is this really necessary for the all in ones too and the Uniti Range. AmI doing my system injustice by not using them?

Just “yes”.

Not a requirement for the Uniti range. I have an Atom and use TQ Black to very good effect.
As with all cables it a suck it and see process but you wont do any damage by not using A5.

I have some NAC A5… in a cupboard. I use Chord Epic and my NAP250 and I love it.

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The same here — happily using Chord Epic.

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:small_blue_diamond: CrystalGipsy,…YES,…if you want PRaT.!


No … if you had one of the legacy power amps, then yes NACA5 is best, if you had no cable or had to get some for other reasons, or if you are just curious & keen to experiment, then NACA5.
I’ve had Chord Odyssey for years, tried a load more before & during that time. ‘nuff said


Divided opinions as ever. Its not as if it sounds bad now or I don’t get PRaT, just a tweak to see if it goes further. I’ve spent a lot recently upgrading kit including TV and it’s my last blowout for a long time as have to settle down and pay off the mortgage and then retirement. I may see if my dealer has some to try out as I’m not spending 200 on cables if they do very little to me.

I would make sure, that if you do try NAC A5, then to have it made up by an experienced dealer (who knows their onions) with such a cable and to use Naim’s ‘right angled’ plugs or there will be a very good chance that you won’t hear what all the ‘fuss’ is about.

Just bought a 2nd hand pair of Ebay. So lets see what this brings to the table.


Got a lend of some today to test out, initially dident hear anything dramatic but after some listening you tune in and it’s a bit more forward as if the speakers are now more sensitive, better controlled with slightly pronounced lower mids/bass and overall I like it I think, not night and day but a subtle improvement all the same

Check the plugs, and the soldering. Well worth replacing if not spot on and will sound much better.

Chord Odyssey here.

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Nac A5 is a human right.


You don’t need NACA 5 but I find it to be an excellent cable at a reasonable price even these days. I’ve used it with Naim, Devialet, Dynavector, and First Watt and into Spendor, Naim, Shahinian, and Wilson Audio and it has sounded excellent in each case.Other cables I’ve used are Silversmith and Transparent Super.

Good cable makes a difference and you can spend a lot of money but NACA 5 does a great job at a fair price.


Ok finally this arrived. The run I got was a lot more than I need but it will future proof me if I move anything about. So what’s the recommended way to have this as neat as possible to my Atom while managing the longer lengths than I actually need, also one side is a lot nearer than the other I guess just coiling is not advised?

Coiling is not advised. Folding is the way.


I have no option but to coil mine but as NACA is so stiff it sits under the rack in an unruly coil with overlaps so it can’t be behaving like an inductor surely?

I’m about to order some A5 but I need 9m per side to allow for longest run to left speaker, is this considered a bit long and should I have any concerns? (apart from cost!)

No concerns with 9m, many agree 5m to 10m is best

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